The 1986 world champions visited Carlos Bilardo

Some of the world champion soccer players with the Argentine national team is 1986 visited this Tuesday at Carlos Salvador Bilardo, who will turn 86 next Thursday. of the participatory meeting Jorge Burruchaga, Oscar Ruggeri, Oscar Garré, Sergio Batista and Ricardo Giusti.

With the ’86 Band visiting our Maestro Carlos!! Happy to see you so well!!”Ruggeri wrote on his Instagram account along with a photo in which the six of them are seen at a table.

Bilardo is living in an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, where he is constantly treated by nurses for his Hakim-Adams syndromea progressive neurological disease.

Bilardo is very good. He was moved, I saw him happy. He is having his birthday now, and our idea was to say hello earlier, because that day he will be with the family. We had a great time,” said Garré, in dialogue with Radio La Roja.

“We talk a lot. We tell anecdotes. We asked him if he recorded some things. And yes, he remembered“, he added.

He is happy with the Qatari title. The therapist told us that she was very happy when Argentina won. Obviously he thinks, and he saw it well, “she closed.

Source: NA