The action of the Professional League does not stop, the second date starts

There is no turning back, the moment to put on the green grass was worked on in the preseason and it is more than present in Argentine soccer that already had the beginning of the Professional League 2023.

Having an abrupt change in calendars and formats that, unlike 2022, in the top flight, the 27-date “long tournament” is being played with all the teams facing each other, to leave the Professional League Cup in the second semester that is divided into two zones of 14 teamss to then enter the path of direct elimination matches until reaching a single final with the best two.

A totally backwards format to the last season. Now, with the return of historical teams to the First Division, such as Belgrano and Instituto for the satisfaction of Cordoba, the always presence of the greats and the usual place for some revelation, the local tournament gives rise to its second day to start gradually guide those who want to shape the train of those who fight above.

Roll the ball in a new edition of the Club World Cup in Morocco

To open Date 2 there will be a pure Rosario presence. The first two matches of the day will take place simultaneously from 20:00. in fact, the simultaneity of the parties will be a pattern on this new date. Of the 14 games that take place on this second day, 11 overlap each other, something that will maintain some controversy, especially for the television area.

Supporting that summer schedules are given, this will obviously be something that will have to be checked in the future. Now, regarding the first games of another weekend of action in Argentine soccer, you have to Newell’s receiving Vélez at the Colossus Del Parque Marcelo Bielsa. The “Gringo” Heinze team comes from a draw with Platense and needs to look for the three points, something that Fortín would repair in its debut against Gimnasia (LP).

Tragic: a man was killed at the gate of the Newell’s field and the match against Vélez is in danger

On the other side of the path, on a Friday in Rosario, the confrontation between Rosarino Central and Tigre in victory. Both teams arrive with victories against Argentinos Juniors and Estudiantes (LP) respectively, thus transmitting an interesting panorama to two teams that seek to capture good game ideas in the tournament.

Martín Demichelis debuts at the Monumental

Opening the day, the aforementioned, two games will be given simultaneously from 17:00. Those in charge of kicking off Saturday’s action will be Sarmiento de Junín receiving Barracas Central, a group that has just made official the richard centurion to their ranks. Then Arsenal and Estudiantes (LP) will do the same in Sarandí in a game of those in need of knowing the three points.

Martín Demichelis will officially debut at the Monumental

Starting at 7:15 p.m., a match with an important historical overtone appears on the scene. River receives Belgrano at the Monumental in its first home presentation in 2023, welcomes both Martin Demichelis as coach and Franco Armani in his first meeting in Núñez as world champion.

Anticipating that it will be a party for the millionaire people, who will have the intention of ruining it, as he knew how to do in that remembered promotion in 2011, is the pirate from Córdoba who had his first run in the First Division, drawing goalless with Racing in Avellaneda.

To close on Saturday at 9:30 p.m., two games as well. Lanús hosts San Lorenzo and Argentinos Juniors does the same against Fernando Gago’s Racing.

On Sunday, two highlights: Independiente vs. Platense and Boca vs. Central Córdoba

On Sunday, with five games as well, it starts with two strong dishes. At 5:15 p.m. Independiente receives Platense in Avellaneda and Boca opens the doors to La Bombonera from 7:15 p.m. in the match against Central Córdoba that has a small start to the tournament, first date with River and now with Xeneize.

Merentiel put the signature and officially became a reinforcement of Boca

To say goodbye to the weekend, starting at 9:30 p.m., neither one nor two, but three games simultaneously. Atlético Tucumán-Talleres, Unión-Instituto and Godoy Cruz-Colón will be in charge of kicking off the final stretch of the second day.

Now yes, to lower the curtain on the date, at dawn of the week and dusk on Monday, from 8:00 p.m. Gimnasia receives Defense and Justice in La Plata and close to it, Huracán plays local at Tomás Adolfo Duco against Banfield.


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