The agricultural dollar was made official: they expect the income of U$S 5,000 million

The Government formalized today the Export Increase Program (PIE)known as “agro dollar”. The regulations establish a differential value of $300 pesos for the US currency for those who sell products of the soybean complex and the regional economies.

The measure was ordered through the Decree 194/2023published this Monday, April 10 in the Official bulletin, with the signatures of Alberto Fernández and his entire Cabinet. It should be noted that for the former, the regulations apply to operations carried out Until May 31while for the seconds it extends Until August 31.

It is expected that with this they will enter some US$ 9,000 millionof which U$S 5,000 million would be settled in the next 45 days by the soybean complex, while the other US$ 4,000 million would come from the regional economies.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, during the announcement of the PIE, informed that said measure is aimed at “strengthen the Argentine agro-export model and strengthen our reserves and our currencyso important in times of uncertainty and volatility globally and locally”.

The regulations come at a complex time where producers, up to now, They only liquidated 4.8 million tons of the 25 tons that are expected to be harvestedthe worst record in 20 years at the rate of the fierce drought that affected Argentina in recent months.

“Dollar agro”: soybean with term, Fair Prices, guarantee of jobs and sanctions for not liquidating

Requirements and palliative measures

To access the benefit, exporters must comply with a series of requirementsOne of these being having exported in the last 180 days, while regional economies must participate in the official price program, preserve jobs and guarantee volume and supply.

On the other hand, it was also published Decree 193/2023signed by the President, the Minister of Economy and Agustín Rossi, which provides palliative measures for producers affected by droughtsincluding the extension of the tax payment due date, the deduction in the tax balance of the income tax of the benefits derived from the sales of property and the suspension of the initiation of tax execution trials.

“It is considered essential to act immediately to assist producers affected by the extreme weather events that our territory is experiencing, making all the necessary financial, fiscal and economic aid instruments and tools“said said regulations.


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