The Al-Hilal of the Argentine Ramón Díaz got into the Semifinal of the Club World Cup

Al Hilal, team led by the Argentine ramon diaz improve to advance to the Semifinal of the Club World Cup after beating White House in a definition from penalties after a 1-1 equality in regulation time. In the next instance, they will face Flamengo from Brazil in a tournament that is taking place in Morocco.

The match was quite attractive and disputed. The Moroccan team began by taking the initiative to will start with the advantage with a goal converted by Amloud on minute 56 of the second half.

Subsequently, the Saudi Arabian team forced to find spaces to equalize the clash with a goal in the last minute. Then, in extra time, the differences on the field were not perceived and this led to the qualifier being defined from the penalty shootout.

The work of the Arabs in this instance was effective, since none of their five charges failed. With this correct work, they qualified for the next phase of the tournament, in which they will be measuring themselves against the brand new Copa Libertadores champion.