The best method to care for and monitor electricity consumption

In these summer days where having the air conditioning on is an absolute necessity, it is important to also remember electricity consumption. For it We bring you some tips to take advantage of a digital App that allows you to calculate the consumption of electrical energy and not spend so much.

You must first enter Go to the icon named calculator, and then select the option: Consumption of electrical appliances.

There are 35 household appliances that can be taken as a reference. Select the desired one that can be air conditioning, a toaster or an electric kettle among others.

According to the ENRE, to know the consumption of the last 6 bimonthly periods, the customer number and the last three digits of the meter must be entered.

The 5 tips to spend less light

  • Use led lamps and keep them clean.
  • Open the refrigerators the least amount of time possible.
  • Using the washing machine in the economy program and use cold water to wash.
  • Ironing in a single ignition of the iron and not at different times.
  • Avoid using timers on television so they don’t turn on automatically.
  • Shut down the computer after using it because even suspended it consumes electricity.
  • The air conditioning is at 24ยบ in summer and in 20th in winter to avoid massive overconsumption.

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