The Civic Coalition and the UCR supported Rodríguez Larreta’s decision

After the announcement of the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, regarding the voting system in the upcoming elections in the City of Buenos Aires, different political leaders came out to respond to him for his decision. Contrary to criticism from some opposition figures, the Civic Coalition (CC) and the Radical Civic Union (UCR) publicly demonstrated in defense of the measure that attempt to carry out a “concurrent unfolding”.

Through a statement, the space headed by “Lilita” Carrió stated that the initiative “It’s not changing the rules of the game as interpreted by some political actors”, referring to the statements of the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, and former president Mauricio Macri.

“The Civic Coalition of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires declares regarding the elections to elect Head of Government and President of the Nation, that the people of Buenos Aires must vote independently, and that complying with what our legal system provides is not changing the rules game as interpreted by some political actors, but on the contrary, it is about complying with the electoral rules that govern us“, he expressed.

The back room of Larreta’s decision: heated chats, threats and the crossfire with Macri

From the force that makes up Together for Change they added: “The time has come to honor our electorate with the single ballot so that we can elect our next Head of Government without conditions. This can be done concurrently with the election of the President of the Nation.

Added to this, they stressed the importance of “defender of the autonomy of the City”: “Complying with the law is creating a republic whenever the defense of the autonomy of the City of Buenos Aires must be respectedin tune with the constituent spirit of 1994, the year of the reform of the National Constitution that had Elisa Carrió as conventional”. In this line, they explained that said “spirit of the constituents” was reflected in 1996 with the sanction of the Constitution of the City “Consequently, autonomy is not proclaimed, it is exercised,” they stressed.

Larreta differed from Macri: he called elections to vote for president and head of government on separate ballots

In addition, it will manifest the need to implement the Single Ticket for the comedians of the Buenos Aires authorities. They also insisted that the election must be held on the same day, recalling the importance of district autonomy. “We believe it imperative that this year’s elections must realize autonomyguaranteeing that residents can speak freely at the polls concurrently, with a single ballot for local categories, being able to elect the President of the Nation and representatives in Congress on the same day through the classic ballot system, which in the future must be modified so that once and for all the single ballot is possible for district and national elections,” they stated.

The statement has the signatures of the president of the space, Claudio Cingolani; the national deputies for the district, Maximiliano Ferraro, Paula Oliveto and Mariana Zuvic; the Buenos Aires legislators Facundo del Gaiso, Hernán Reyes, Cecilia Ferrero and Lucía Romanom and the Buenos Aires leaders Agustín Bertuzzi, Carolina Maccione; Juan Calandri, Paula Coria and Celeste Fernandez.

“Strengthen electoral transparency”: the support of the UCR to Rodríguez Larreta

In line with the demonstration of the CC, the UCR also issued a statement where it positioned itself in favor of the measure of the Buenos Aires head of government. under the title of “Complying with the electoral rules is defending the institutions and strengthening the Republic”, in reference to the statements of Macri and Bullrich, the political space concerned that unfolding the elections “is the correct path.” In that, they celebrated that they were able to “promote the values ​​of the autonomy of the City enshrined in our Constitution,” as well as “strengthen electoral transparency.”

They also highlighted that the initiative “it will allow an efficient use of public money avoiding necessary expenses”. “The electoral legislation of Buenos Aires gives citizens the right to elect their national and local representatives separately and with a modern, efficient, economic instrument that preserves the environment such as the Single Ballot and that was promoted by Together for Change”, they detailed about it.

Added to this, consider that this decision is aligned with the transformation policy of Together for Change at the national level. “Compliance with the Law is the best way to show the country the path of change and transformation that Together for Change proposes at the national level,” they explained.

Also, highlight the “identity mark” that means for the porteños to vote separately for the authorities of the national and local Executive. In this sense, they clarified that this unfolding occurred “since the consecration of our autonomy at the end of the 90s”, with the only exception being the 2019 elections. “There was no reason to break with this brand of identity”they specified.

Macri’s strong criticism of Rodríguez Larreta: “What a deep disappointment”

And they added: “Those almost three decades of experience and the politics compared to other provinces that have successful electoral processes, generated the model of concurrent elections that is provided for in the Electoral Code and that the Head of Government complied with the decree signed today“.

We regret the lengthy discussion caused by some sectors that sought a change in the rules of the game established in our legislation and we urge the people of Buenos Aires to participate in this electoral process to debate which is the best city we want for the future”, he concluded.


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