The claim of Lucio Dupuy’s grandfather: “No human rights group or the State asked us how we are doing”

ramon dupuythe grandfather of Pike, made a strong claim against the organizations and the State for not communicating with the family after the crime of the 5-year-old boy. In addition, he pointed against the judge who gave custody of the minor to the mother, accused of allegedly murdering the child.

No collective, nor human rights organizations, nor the State asked us how we are“said the grandfather of pike dupuy who was interviewed by Miguel Winazki on your show postnormality which is issued by neura.

“I wish life passes quickly to see you again”: the heartfelt letter from Lucio Dupuy’s father

In that sense, he said: “We continue to be dismayed with the same pain.” At the same time, I point against the judge Ana Clara Perez Ballester for child custody: “It is inoperative and has no common sense“.

Ramón Dupuy against the judge: “With that signature in the file, he sentenced Lucio’s death”

“Here is an inoperative judge. She had no common sense, she did not work. Without looking at the file, she blackmailed her signature and revoked the custody that my eldest son had and returned it to the parent. With that signature in the file, he sentenced the death of Lucio“, said.

And he continued: “We imagined that Lucito could be using drugs on the street when he was very young in four or five years. We knew and the judge knew that the mother consumes and sells drugs. The life she led was bad. Getting high in the squares of Santa Rosa, having clandestine parties when we were in the middle of a pandemic and you couldn’t have parties. Even so, he returned Lucito to his mother. And it was the fatal outcome for him. The judge is inept, inoperative“.

“The entire State refused. It was seen to one side. Unfortunately, society too. Nobody reported Lucio’s case. The times he was hospitalized, the school did not notice either, the police who went to knock on the door of the house and as the music was loud they left”, he commented.

The brutal crime of Lucio Dupuy

pike dupuy died at 5 years in November 2021, in La Pampa.

Lucio Dupuy case: the mother accused of the murder testified and said that “when I left him at home he was alive”

An alleged murder is being investigated and, after 18 hearings, the trial for his crime ended in December. In the final arguments, the trial prosecutor requested life imprisonment for the main defendants.

The debate will resume on February 2 and for that day the court is scheduled to announce its verdict, so that it will be known if the suspects were guilty or not.

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