The conflict with the subways continues: they announce a stoppage of the service

In one more chapter of the fight that the Buenos Aires subway workers have been carrying out with the concessionaire of that means of public transport, tomorrow monday april 10 a new day of protest will be held, with windlasses release and stop service.

The workers gathered in the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (Agtsyp) information that the measure of force will be developed between 14 and 16 on lines B –joins Leandro N. Alem and Juan M de Rosas– and in the Line C –that unites Retirement and Constitution–. The initiative includes the turnstiles open at the head stations of these lines between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., as well as from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.. The stoppage is based on the lack of response from Emova, the service concessionaire, to the demand for two francs a week for health reasons, the deforestation of the network and the change of fleets contaminated with this material.

Through a statement, the metrodelgados information on the “harmful health conditions inherent in the workplace, and the presence of asbestos throughout the network”.

The first increase in the subway this year is in force: how much did the ticket cost?

In another part of the document, from the Agtsyp they indicated that “they presented a collective amparo demanding the immediate asbestos removal and all the contaminated elements of the subway network, including the line B, E and C trains that contain it, which has been granted and ratified by the Buenos Aires Justice”.

Finally, they warned that they would continue with the measures of force until they obtained the answer.

From emovaMeanwhile, the answer was not long in coming. Through a statement, the company said that it made the following clarifications:

“There is no risk to the health of workers.”

◆ “Permanent measurements of air quality are carried out in all areas of the subway.”

◆ “There have not been any negative environmental measurements in the last five years. Asbestos contamination was never detected”.

◆ “In the subway there is no declaration of unsanitary conditions that supports the need for a reduced working day, as will be extended by Chamber II of the Chamber of Labor Appeals.”

Station closures. Within the framework of the Comprehensive Station Renovation Plan carried out by Subterráneos de Buenos Aires Sociedad del Estado (Sbase), the Jujuy station on Line E will close from tomorrow for approximately two months for remodeling works.

The renovation was able to carry out waterproofing, painting, lighting replacement, floor repair, ironwork, rearrangement of the power line, adaptation of signage, Braille signage, and new furniture on the platforms.

Since the Jujuy station combines with Line H, passengers can request a combination ticket at the ticket offices of the Urquiza and Pichincha stations or at Humberto 1° on Line H.

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