The controversial account that defends rugbiers: “Enough of social condemnation”

In the middle of the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, a controversial account emerged on social networks that defends rugby players and demands an end to “social condemnation”.

It’s about the user@RugbiersZarate”, Twitter and has a similar name on Instagram. In the description of the account he asks: “Enough of social condemnation. Enough of the lies. Enough of the violence. enough hate”.

The main objective of the account is to combat the speeches that fall on the eight accused of the young man’s crime who died after suffering a severe beating on January 18, 2020 when leaving the bowling alley the brique in Villa Gesell.

The verdict for Fernando’s crime is expected by the end of the month.

Throughout the days of the trial, the account publishes some of the few phrases thrown by the families of the detainees and the defense of the lawyer Hugo Tomei.

Although the person who manages the account did not make his identity public, in several posts or answers to some questions asked by users made it clear that the user does not belong to the direct family of rugbiers.

“It expired” and “None of this is told to anyone”: what the chats of the rugbiers presented in the trial revealed

While people create opinions for or against the defendants, as the testimonies progress, young people are more and more complicated.

“They hit viciously,” said a patovica from Le Briquein turn, a witness recounted that he heard them say: “I take this black as a trophy”. The messages that were sent after the beating also compromised them. “Deciduous”, they said to recap Fernando’s death.

The defense of the rugby players

A few days after the trial began, the account made a download on Twitter in which it defended the defendants. “As a society, what happened hurts us: Fernando could be a grandson, son or friend of any of us… But, on the other hand, the eight accused also”, he began in his message.

Rugbys Zárate 20230111
The message of the account that defends rugbiers.

In this sense, he maintained that “it does not go through a good or bad upbringing”; On the contrary, he explained that he believes that “if society as a whole doesn’t evolve, if it starts filming a fight instead of stopping it, things will never change. Instead of wishing torture or the like on a group of human beings like all of us, we should learn that violence is never okay and can never be justified.”, he expressed.

In this way, he acknowledged that Fernando’s death “hurts” and stated that it is “very sad for all parties”, in line with what the father of one of the defendants said when leaving the Dolores courts.

Trial for Báez Sosa: Blas Cinalli, the only defendant whose family did not go to see him

The reaction of users against the account that defends rugbiers

On their social networks, the account administrator answers “only the questions that are asked from the side of respect”. One of the few questions he answered was about his position in support of rugby players.

It intrigues me to know why you support these guys”, Asked a user to which the account replied: “Everything that happened hurts, but they are not monstrous”.

Rugbys Zárate 20230111
This is how he defends rugbiers on his Instagram account.

Another person demanded that rugbiers “take responsibility for their actions”. “Ma’am, they are taking responsibility from minute zero: they deprived them of their freedom, their rights were not respected, and they kept them in jail even without a conviction and in the midst of a pandemic,” he continued to defend the accused.

On Twitter, netizens reacted quickly to downloading this account, so They defined rugbiers as “murderers” and questioned whether the publications “were real”. “Yes, it’s real, it’s terrible,” launched a user against the account in support of those accused of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa.


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