The cover of the newspaper PROFILE for Saturday, February 4, 2023

Below we offer a review of the main titles of the 1,793 edition of the PERFIL newspaper, for this Saturday, February 4, 2023, an issue that is accompanied, as every weekend, by 6 supplements that record the most varied topics, both informative and of entertainment: The Observer, Shows, Buenos Aires Times, Parabrisas, Marie Claire and jester More Crossword:

Worried about a inflation that does not yield, Massa relaunched Fair Prices. The Minister of Economy announced adjustments in the program to try to contain prices and launched a school basket, anticipating March. Until now, he has not changed the cost of living from deflating to the level expected by the Government. February began with increases in sectors such as public services, fuel or rent. And January would close close to 6%, according to the consultants: up from 5.1% in December, when the downward streak ended. The “hard” social movements are added to the controls in the gondolas.

The sparks continue. The announced political table fails to calm the internal one in the Frente de Todos.

Macri moves away from the candidacy. It was suggested to the referents of the PRO. He travels to Italy.

Fontevecchia report. To Ricardo Pignanelli, from Smata. “Whoever receives the government will have a problem.”

First interview with Mariquita, Maslatón’s wife: “If Milei goes with JxC, I would vote for Peronism.”

They expect some 13 million tourist trips in February: 8% more than in the pre-pandemic.

Enzo Fernández, from the plane to the field. He made his Chelsea debut two days after arriving in London.

Why a mother murders her son. The keys that led to the conviction of the two defendants for the crime of Lucio Dupuy. A forensic expert explains what a mother who kills has on her mind.

Eastern espionage. The United States accuses China of flying a spy balloon over its territory.

Paco Rabanne, fashion icon, has died.

Write in this issue:

Roberto García, Fara, Artemio López, Labaqui, Mosto, Vecchiarelli, Ares, Castro Sánchez, Jacobs, Garay, Rivero, Sirianni, Carmody, Neilson, Soltys, Hopenhayn, Kohan, Giampaolo, Guebel, Spregelburd, Link, Melgar, L.Rodríguez , Seoane, Corsalini, Colombo, Ise, Riccobene, Genovese, Galán, Bordigoni, Ninin, Izaguirre, Kavanagh, Mozetic, Spillman and Fontevecchia.

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