The death of three premature babies reopened a new investigation in Córdoba

The death of three premature babies who were born in a hospital in the city of Río Cuarto is being investigated by the local Justice after the complaint made by the Ministry of Health of the province of Córdoba.

The deaths of newborn babies occur at the San Antonio de Padua Hospital and it is suspected that they occurred due to Infections Associated with Health Care (IAAS).

The IAAS are considered as a adverse event resulting from health care that unintentionally causes harm to the patient, and can be classified as preventable or non-preventable.

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According to WHO each year hundreds of thousands of patients are affected and estimates that one in 10 patients will contract an infection, while PAHO estimates that one in 20 patients admitted to a hospital will contract an infection, just because of being hospitalized.

Due to what happened, the provincial health portfolio reported that it preventively presented the situation before the Justice, while the hospital activated its infection and patient safety committees to minimize the risk of infections associated with health care in the ICU Neo.

The presentation by the authorities, according to local media, was made after the death of three newborns, two of them twins, associated with multiple risk factors due to their extreme prematurity.

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The neonates were 26 and 27 weeks pregnant and weighed less than 800 grams at birth, and died within a few days of life (on March 27, March 31, and April 6).

Prosecutor Pablo Jávega spoke with Cadena 3 and said that after what happened they adopted test measures to collect evidence and information and that for the moment “There are no elements that contradict the information on hospital-acquired infections.”

The provincial Ministry of Health explained that although it is a situation “within what is expected in health matters”, the Justice was informed to bring peace of mind to the population.


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