The eldest son of Wanda Nara and Maxi López could become a River player

The first son of the media wanda nara with the former footballer maximilian lopez, Valentino López is 13 years old and made the lower divisions at Milan and PSGwhere did his father and Mauro Icardi his mother’s second husband.

But now the youth could land in Argentine football, since This week I have a test in RiverManaged by dad, to wear the shirt of the club of his love.

Valentino is a born goalscorer, with a privileged physique for his age, the young striker you already broke the networks of milan (when his father played there) and from PSG until last year.

When Icardi was transferred to Galatasaray, the teenager was introduced to Galatasaray’s Under-14s, although he likely did not spend time in Turkey.

On both Wanda’s and “Valu’s” social media, you can see the hard training. According to what they told in Intruders, MAxi López paid him a personal trainer and got him a test at River for this week: if the young man were accepted at the Millionaire, the family would settle in Buenos Aires to accompany him.

Valentino shared various posts on his Instagram that account for his effort: hard training with a physical trainer, recreational soccer, and an inscription he chose for a photo with his brothers: “Preseason in Argentina”.

valentino lopez