The FdT experienced the start of the commission and now the debate will be by the witnesses

The first day of the political trial of the members of the Supreme Court, which began a debate in commission last Thursday, since it will be a source of permanent tension, with cross passes from one side and the other. In this context, while the Frente de Todos came out to celebrate what it considers to be an “absolutely positive” meeting, there is already a controversy regarding whether the witnesses cited will be obliged to compare.

Specialists warn that in the case of the judges of the highest court, since they are the defendants, they are not obliged to sit in front of the deputies of the commission. They can decide to do so, motivated by political reasons, but they would not be in the dock if the full House pushes the impeachment with two-thirds of the votes and there the Senate becomes the trial court.

The case of the witnesses is different, where there are coincidences that they are obliged to attend, although from the opposition they assure that it must be with a reason that justifies it. The names that generate the most noise are those of Marcelo D’Alessandro (Buenos Aires Minister of Security on leave) and Silvio Robles (Horacio Rosatti’s spokesman), whom the Frente de Todos wants to sit in the commission for the crossing of alleged chats that were leaked where the courtier’s adviser would pass information on steps to follow to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s official. Justice, however, closed the legal case on that, considering that an investigation cannot be established on evidence that is the result of illegal espionage. With that case closed, he believes in the opposition, there are no reasons to justify his summons. There are those who believe that another complaint in this regard that Axel Kicillof presented this week, and that fell to the Alejo Ramos Padilla court, is to leave that window open.

Meanwhile, the president of the block of deputies of the FdT, Germán Martínez, came out to celebrate the step he took this week. “The first balance for our block was absolutely positive from the point of view of the objectives. We obtained the regulatory quorum, we opened the commission and (Carolina) Gaillard read the headings of the 14 files and the 60 allegations that constitute the floor of the complaints that we are promoting, ”she said in statements to Delta radio.

For his part, his colleague from the bloc Marcelo Casaretto defended the impeachment tool as a constitutional instrument. In addition, he dispatched himself in criticism of Justice. “We have to put a limit to the progress of the Judiciary over the Executive and the Legislative, and the only remedy is impeachment,” he said in an interview with 990.

Another request for impeachment of Rosatti was presented

After the debate began in the Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, with 14 files linked to the Supreme Court judges, yesterday it was learned that Horacio Rosatti, its president, received one more complaint.

It was granted by Pablo Llonto, plaintiff lawyer in trials against humanity, who in statements to Radio 10 showed that he filed a request for impeachment against Rosatti for “mismanagement in promoting trials against humanity”, for not having convened as head of the highest court to the inter-powers commission, whose objective is to “accelerate” the processes that are followed for the crimes committed during the last dictatorship.

“We ask for impeachment for mismanagement of Rosatti’s activities, which is considered a serious offense. He has the function of convening an inter-power commission to speed up trials against humanity, but he has not done so since he took office as president of the Court, ”explained Llonto. In this sense, he assured that “trials against humanity should not have priority because they are the oldest trials we have” and “they should be faster, but it is the opposite.”

“When Rosatti became president of the Court, he no longer convened the commission, which had managed to speed up the judicial processes. The poor performance of a judge implies the request for impeachment, ”he pointed out.

This request for impeachment against Rosatti is added to the complaint made by Patricia Isasa, a victim of the dictatorship, who declared that the magistrate, during his tenure as mayor of Santa Fe, “protected” one of his kidnappers.

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