The flutist Macri makes the entire PRO dance and seduce with his music

after his holiday this wednesday, 64th birthdayof a tasty suckling lamb —despite being Patagonian and not Cordovan— at noon in the house of a dear neighbor and closing at night in his own home of Cumelenwith most of the men invited, Mauricio Macri reserved as a habit to observe the number of calls he had to congratulate him. Strict to remember friendships, makes his own life survey, as he usually recruits messages for and against him after he visits a campaign site. Affection to the mirror and the effects that it returns: everyone has their habits.

The engineer seems fully politicalLike the Pied Piper of Hamelin He manages to make his music seduce the entire PRO population, even those who deny his power dance with his melody, those who want to take away his leadership, at least the presidential candidacy. He can even paraphrase Riquelme’s disagreement and say: “Macri is happy.”

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For summoning and lining up applicants from the intern in his southern pulpit (Bullrich, Rodríguez Larreta, Pichetto) or members of the Lacunza-type teams, and with them they achieved their greatest claim: unify the message of Cambiemos in favor of a public disclosure of the economic situationdenounce inconsistencies regarding the exchange rate, gap, reserves or inflation, which could induce a crisis. Better now than later. The former president understands: if there is going to be an explosion in those areas, the responsibility belongs to the ruling duo, it should not be allowed to be transferred to the succession. Let’s do then —to simplify— what Peronism has always done to governments that are not theirs. And they cite: how Cavallo (Domingo) did in the time of Alfonsín to announce that Menem would not pay the commitments assumed by the UCR. And precipitated the end.

That macri’s fighting spirit It appeared in the latest statement from the coalition that, two days ago, changed the traditional narrative that “the situation is not that serious” or “we have the equipment to save the country from the debacle.” Macri imposed the new criteria, which also means a warning to the banks —which are at risk but earn money— and to the International Monetary Fund, which enables any creative accounting to prevent the country from defaulting. An obvious threat, not to forget that in his government he reshaped the debt in pesos.

Mauricio Macri with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

For more than one of the Pro cut, the driver of the economic earthquake is Luis Caputo, “Toto”, the one who once believed himself a hero due to the amount of loans that Argentina obtained. Other times, I don’t end well. He is now in Cumelén and has a singularity: he participates in the two worlds, of the Macri’s privacy and at the same time he is a friend and consultant of Horacio Rodríguez Larretaof whom he was a partner in the Argentina Modelo. influence both, under the memory that if the abyss was reached with Federico Sturzenegger, at that time he dedicated himself to correcting when the Central Bank had 70 billion dollars in reserves. Now, the situation is repeating itself and there is no cushion in the BCRA. Of the myriad of economists advising the Pro, one of the few trying to smooth out the new backfire is Levi Yeyati, a radical.

Regarding the political, the engineer from Boca built his own version without “Toto”—analyzing the eventual conflicts that may arise before or after the elections— due to the consequences of the economic crisis. Although it accompanies Miguel Pichetto said certain risks: the possibility that an explosion reveals not only the incompetence of the Government, its liquidation, but also drags Cambiemos down, hurts it and deteriorates it, favoring more extremist expressions. His alert goes through the existence of 50% poor and the complexity, for example, that a strong devaluation not only further reduces citizen income, but also decapitalizes or decapitates companies with dollar contracts.

start flag

The truth is that who best suited to the new message is Patricia Bullrich, a preacher of that course like Margaret Thatcher in the 80s, who faced similar problems to the Argentines before taking office. Remember: taxes, lawless, economic stocks, prebendary unions in combination with companies, a festival of social subsidies, state favoritism of all kinds. The same dramas to be resolved and a certainty distilled into a motto of the iron lady that Patricia adopts: “If you want someone to say something, call a man; if you want to do something, call a woman”. aim your draconian voice against a hesitant Rodríguez Larreta economically, who repeats obviousness such as “we are going to grow with more exports”, a recitation imposed by Duran Barba to predict hope. Continuing with the English, a Churchillian with “blood, sweat and tears” and another seller of Labor fantasies.

but The head of government is also happy: he wrested from the engineer the promise that he would not pronounce himself – within the group— in favor of none of the contenders. equidistant series. For Rodríguez Larreta it is enough, despite the fact that in his effort to be impartial, Macri tries to bring funds to Bullrich in manifest financial inferiority to face a campaign. By balancing, he also looks out for his own good: It is not convenient for the boss to support anyone, except the one who can lose. What the former president does not define is his own personal destiny, perhaps because of the state of levitation that it enjoys today. Not even on his birthday did he reveal clues about a candidacy, only a few found out that they added a new business to their goal: they will participate with Martín Migoya, CEO of Globant, in a technological venture agreed in Qatar linked to soccer betting in which Daniel Angelici would have contributed a minimum know-how, experience they tell him.

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