The footballer who can play for Argentina but was called up by the United States

In recent times, one of the most prominent names in Independiente was that of Alan Sonoraque He is free after not renewing his contract but I got good news: He was called up to the United States National Team.

I leave it like that anthony hudsoninterim DT of the American team, who He gave the list for the friendlies vs. Serbia and Colombia with the inclusion of 13 players who will have their first experience in the team.

Alan was born in New Jersey. 24 years ago when his father Diego played in that countryalthough he debuted his entire career in Argentina first in the lower ranks of Boca and then in Red, where he played 87 games.

For his part, his older brother Joel, 26, was also born in the United States and played inferiors in Boca, although he did not make his debut either and after a stint in Germany he returned to our country and today plays in Portugal.

Alan Sonora