The Government admitted that the inflation number is “very bad”

The presidential voice gabriela cerruttirecognized that the rate of inflation that the INDEC announced this Tuesday”It is bad, very bad and it was not expected“Although I’m sure macroeconomic variables are “under control”.

“The inflation data is bad, very bad and also it was not what was expected, so The Government continues with its firm commitment to finish advancing in controlling prices, inflation, that they go down“, said the national official, after the 6.6% increase surveyed by INDEC.

In the press conference that she gave every Thursday at Casa Rosada, the spokeswoman said that “explanations” can be given regarding the price increase, “but they are not excuses for those who have to go to the store every day”.

In this sense, it stands out that due to the drying Meat and dairy prices, as well as rising, also targeted telecommunications companies.

Telephone, cable, and web service companies continue to indiscriminately increase the price for users“, launched Cerruti. And he delved into the criticism: “The Government cannot intervene because Justice does not allow it as a result of the presentations of the big media, owners of the companies. That price that influences daily life could be being regulated by the State if the Justice intervened and the communication companies did not influence.

In addition, he stressed that the president Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Economy, sergio masa“They are working together, side by side and they have the same commitment so that this situation (the high elevation) be resolved as soon as possible“.

Like Shell, YPF joined the 3.8% increase in its fuels

“We are confident that the measures that are being taken at the macroeconomic level and to stabilize prices will work, but we need them to work as fast as possible“, he added.

What Cerruti said about the conflict with Ecuador

After the former Minister of Transportation and Public Works of Ecuador was convicted of corruption, Maria de los Angeles Duarte, leave the Argentine embassy in the neighboring country to go to Venezuela, the relations between the administrations of Alberto Fernandez and Guillermo Lasso they were tense.

The maximum point was the decision of both of expel the ambassadors who represented their countries. What in the end seems like an escalation of the conflict, for the speaker is a “specific case.”

The conflict with Ecuador escalates: Argentina expelled the Ecuadorian ambassador in Buenos Aires

Cerruti alleged that “the Ecuadorian foreign minister said that relations are not suffering from any type of conflict.” And he stated that the Government has “close and brotherly relations with Ecuador as with all Latin American countries.”

The Spokesperson spoke about the health of Alberto Fernández

Knowing the lumbar discomfort that the Head of State suffered last Tuesday, Cerruti limited himself to repeating what he expressed in the medical reports and maintained that the president continues with his activity.

“The President had low back pain, they did the corresponding studies, they told him that he has to have a small intervention to be done today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, he keeps his schedule in Olivos; And when the time and form of the intervention is decided, they will be informed by the doctor, ”he said.

What causes a herniated disc and what does the root block consist of that will do Alberto Fernández

The government’s complaint to Edesur

This Wednesday night the executive through the Ministry of Energy filed a criminal complaint against the energy company for the power outages that harmed and continue to harm the neighbors who have not had service for days.

“There are 75,000 users without power, some with extended cuts. The company cannot claim anything because it is the only one this is happening to. They had dollarized rates, increases of 3000% during the government of (Mauricio) Macri, but they did not make the investments“questioned the spokesman for the Presidency.

On the other hand, he pointed against the “voices” that question that the State does not take charge and “that it leaves everything in the hands of private parties.” In addition, he added quotes to the government of carlos menem that “we see the consequences of the privatizations made by neoliberalism”.


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