The Half plus Almirón: they assure that the former DT of Red, Lanús and Elche is the one chosen by Riquelme

There were no big names on Juan Román Riquelme’s agenda. Martino said no, it wasn’t Pekerman either, except Bianchi, or Tité, or Scolari… So this Saturday all the paths of the Boca bank lead to Jorge Almirón, that he would have already met with Riquelme and the details of the contract that will link him to Boca would be arranged. It only remains, they say, an “exchange of papers” to close the legal issue.

It must be admitted, as an outstanding detail, that there was not much room for the 10 with a magical punch: whether or not it was due to his particular driving style, the truth is that there were few “important” names willing to sit on the Boca bench. That is why those who jumped raising their hands were names far from the great reflectors, such as Migliore, the ineffable Caruso… or Almirón, who had done badly in Elche.

Forced to show results in an election year, Riquelme is dealing with a difficult moment at Brandsen 805. Boca fired Ibarra, but with the sober mariano herron as interim he tied at the start of the Libertadores with the weak Monagas in Venezuela and, disputed 10 dates, March eleventh in the Professional League.

All this panorama, with elections waiting for the end of the year, and even Mauricio Macri promising that he will “play” again within the club. So that in the months remaining to go to the polls you have to win or winand after the first big bet of the Xeneize Council collided head-on with the refusal of ‘Tata’ Martino, not many ‘important’ options will remain at hand.

Almirón arrives, we said, from a sad without lights for Elche. On networks this Saturday, the harshest critics of his arrival circulated a weak balance of the last 30 games led by Almiron, noting that his teams only won four times. For the DT champion with Lanús, 51, it will be a key instance, the great opportunity to make history no less than in BocaOf course, also knowing that, if the results do not accompany, that postponement will also go to the books.

Almiron’s best moment in his long coaching career it was in lanus, with the team that won three titles in 2016 and was a finalist in the Copa Libertadores de América the following year. But he could not repeat that successful episode in the years that followed, when he led Nacional de Medellín, San Lorenzo, Al Shabbab of Saudi Arabia, Elche -on two occasions- and again Lanús.

Previously, Almirón had developed a large part of his campaign in Mexican soccer, where he led Dorados, Veracruz, Correcaminos and Tijuana. And in Argentine soccer he also went through Defense and Justice, Godoy Cruz and Independiente. Now, if there are no last minute counter marches, the blue and gold volcano awaits you.

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