The harsh revelation of Lolo Regueiro’s wife: “They offered me money to leave the cause”

Cesar Regueiro I had 6 months ago in the mediations of the stadium of La Plata Gymnastics during the police repression in a failed police operation, where extra tickets were sold for the match against Boca and there were fans of the Wolf that we cannot enter the stadium.

The first interim report clipped that the death was the product of “a non-traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest” while pFor the family it was a violent death.

Claudia Nievesthe life of Lolo Regueirogave details of what happened denounced irregularities in the case and demanded justice.

“Those from Gymnastics, friends of his, people of power, they left us alone. I was hoping that everything would come to light because what Berni said is all a lie. El Gordo nor Covid had. He had no history of heart problems.“He said in statements to Radio con Vos.

Nievas also questioned whether death was due to heart failure. “When I went to see him at the hospital, he had a blow to the head and another below. They all saw the blood. The doctor said ‘let us clean it up’. That was something that surprised us. Later I went to look for the medical history at the polyclinic and it did not say anything about the blows. At 15 days, The videos from the security cameras of the polyclinic were deleted“.

The Fiscal Unit of La Plata No. 8, in charge of the prosecutor Martín Almirón, was the one in charge of the investigation into the incidents generated.”They offered me money to abandon the cause, I’m not going to say who. but i want justice“said Nievas. And he added: “My husband was killed and no one is going to give it back to me.”