The IFFHS recognized Julián Álvarez: the mark in which he surpassed Lionel Messi

Through its official broadcast channels, the IFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) recognized the spider a brand that broke in May of last year with the shirt of River.

According to the table presented by the Federation, Julián Álvarez is the footballer who scored the most goals in the same duel in the history of football. How old is that record? The spider He scored six goals in the Millionaire’s victory against Alianza Lima on May 25, 2022 and thus surpassed a long list of footballers who had become five.

Julian Alvarez

It should be noted that with this number La Araña surpassed nothing more and nothing less than Lionel Messi, who scored five with the National Team against Estonia in June 2022. The only one who exceeds his goalscoring figure is Erling Haalandbrand new reinforcement of the The citizens and next companion of the Cordoba. The Norwegian tank knew how to convert nine goals in the 2019 Under 20 World Cup. His victim: the weak Honduras, who lost 12-0 that day and suffered the Android’s firepower.