The Isoró Reserve Journey is coming

The Isoró reserve is one of the most beautiful and attractive of the Argentine coast, and for a few years ago, every summer, it is part of an event that records native fauna and flora, which demonstrates the beauty and richness of this area of ​​the country. A new edition of the Travesía del Isoró will take place next February 19 and it promises to be, once again, an unforgettable trip.

This nautical event is recreational and non-competitive, since the objective is to exalt the attractiveness of this place, as it was on previous occasions. In 2022, the activity resumed after the pandemic, before the mandatory confinement was organized in 2020. As a curiosity, it was the most popular adventurous proposal that year.


the journey will last eight hours in the waterapproximately, visiting the heart of the Isoró Natural Reserve to discover all the potential and richness of one of the first ichthyic reserves in Argentina.


The route will be 42 km through the Goya stream, the Paraná river and the Isoró stream, and you will navigate downstream in kayaks and canoes. It departs from El Ingá beach in the morning, in the city of Goya, until reaching its destination, in the afternoon, at the El Cerrito ranch, from where the return to the city is undertaken by land vehicle. The enrollment stage It opens on January 20. Contact WhatsApp: 3777-544495 (send data and city of origin). Instagram: @travesiasgoya