The millionaire sum that Google must pay for tracking users without authorization

Google was fined a million-dollar figure accused of tracking the location of its users without authorization, after a lawsuit promoted in the North American court by 40 states.

The technological giant, part of the holding Alphabetshall pay 400 million dollars by the system tracing you use and also be more transparent with your consumers when you enable location tracking on the phone. To do this, you will have to offer detailed information on a web page about these data.

The investigation promoted by the lawyers of the different states began in 2018, when it was discovered that Google was locating its users without their consent.

“This agreement makes it clear that companies must be transparent in how they track customers and comply with state and federal privacy laws,” argued Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General.

The location of Google, in the crosshairs.

“When consumers make the decision not to share location data from their devices, they could probably trust a company to stop tracking their every move,” he added in an official statement.

In response to these allegations, the company reported on its official blog that it is “making updates in the coming months to provide even more control and transparency over location data.”

Among the modifications is to be able to eliminate in a simple way the location data from the user controls.

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What the research says about Google

The investigation that uncovered the first tracking practices in 2014 raised alarm bells in places like Arizona, to which the company had to pay $85 million in October.

With a history of violating consumer protection laws, other places like Texas, Indiana, Washington and Columbia also sued Google in January alleging deceptive tracking practices that invaded privacy.

Simultaneously, the giant earned 111,000 million dollars from advertising in the first half of 2022. According to the operation of this dynamic, the location of a person is crucial to locate the most relevant ads and attract their attention.


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