The opacity of Power: everywhere and at all times

A piece of news analyzed by the reader’s ombusdman in the Perfil newspaper on Sundays ago is a clear and different example of the title of the article. In Finland, a court in Helsinki has just sentenced two journalists for publishing alleged state secrets linked to the Finnish army. They were sentenced to pay a fine equivalent to 50 days of their salary, after a long critical criminal process by several organizations that consider the sentence an attack against press freedom.

The court that judged them, while admitting the importance of the freedom of information In a democracy, he considered that journalistic work did not denounce injustices or abuses of power so relevant to society that they justify the publication of confidential information for the state.

A piece of news analyzed by the reader’s ombusdman in the Perfil newspaper on Sundays ago is a clear and different example of the title of the article.
Because in Finland a court in Helsinki has just sentenced a particular journalist for publishing alleged state secrets linked to the Finnish army, which said journalist considered it in the public interest to reveal.

The opacity of power. War in Ukraine.

It is not the first time this has happened. The painful case of Julian Assange thus attests to it.

When this agent believed that what he had discovered was of the utmost public interest, he published and disclosed it, with the serious consequences that his prolonged confinement has had for his health, given that he has been a refugee and requested his extradition several times, for having shown , in their publications, clear violations of human rights.

The opacity of power It also has an extremely tragic history. In the US, until now, no one knows why there are unclassified secret documents if the successive deaths of such charismatic leaders as Malcolm X, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King and the then presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, were the result of altered minds, as was probably the case with John Lennon in New York City, or were carefully concealed conspiracies with the deliberate intent of trying to change the course of American history.

The opacity of power

Precisely the US has valuable precedents in this regard. President Nixon’s interest in concealing the spying on the Democratic convention in the Watergate case was investigated by the Washington Post, which later ousted him from power. In addition, the incredible fully documented revelations regarding the continuation of the Vietnam War, despite its disastrous results on the battlefield.

Between the horror and the absurd

And in turn, the investigations of the Boston Globe newspaper, on the scandalous abuses committed by priests, carefully ignored by the Catholic hierarchy of the North American state, which led to thousands of judicial claims that had to be accepted by the Church and that required reparation. possible, that is, pecuniary, in each of these painful cases.

Of course we cannot ignore the fact that as sigmund freud would say the opacity of power many times it serves to hide the deliberate death drive.

In Nazi Germany, the Führer Adolf Hitler refused to shake hands with the admirable Afro-American athlete Jesse Owens, winner of three Olympic medals in 1933, for his skin color, while creating carefully hidden extermination camps under the name of labor camps, so much so that Auschwitz had as an allusive sign and as a gateway to that Inferno of Dante, the misleading motto: “Work gives freedom.”

The opacity of power. Jews who have just arrived at the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp.

At the same time, Englishmen carefully conceal the concentration camps surrounded by barbed wire, created to imprison the Dutch in the Boer War (1899-1902).

In turn, the Afrikaaners, descendants of those Dutchmen, also carefully concealed the dire consequences of their regime for 25 million black apartheid South Africans. But only possible until the coming to power of the tireless Nelson Mandela, perhaps the most important figure of the 20th centurynext to that legendary Indian image, which was that of the mythical Mahatma Gandhi, who began his preaching and practice of nonviolence precisely in that historic African south.

In Latin America, The National Stadium of Chile is attributed as a screen for the atrocious tortures of Pinochetism in the dictatorship that began in 1973.

What happened in the Brazilian dictatorship has continued in the shadows, the same as in the Uruguayan one or in the long years of Stroessner in Paraguayalthough the deaths of General Prats in Argentina and Osvaldo Letelier in the US, both Chilean refugees, demonstrated the sinisterness of the Condor Plan that united Latin American fascisms.

everywhere and at all times

However in Argentina the Trial of the Military Juntas Promoted by President Alfonsín in 1985, he presented the condemnation of the participants in that genocidal “Nazi” process that culminated in the Malvinas tragedy, after the theft of goods, babies and the forced disappearance of people.

All these aberrational facts are hidden under the secret of the Death campsbut then the abolition of the Laws of Due Obedience and Full Stop, the impulse given by the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Grandmothers of pain has allowed to somewhat alleviate the most painful and hidden period of Power in our national history.

Also financially power hides its deviationsthe surcharges that the IMF charges on loans that it has agreed to agree to and the current tripling of its interest rates, probably due to the Russo-Ukrainian war and the fall of North Americans, with which no Latin American country has had anything to do, recently denounced at the Pontifical Vatican University.

In other words, the opacity of power continues to occur throughout the globe, even in cases as inexplicable as the fact that in Argentine Patagonia, despite several favorable court rulings, the inhabiting community still does not have access to the very beautiful view of Lago Escondido. .

For this reason, it is always necessary and perhaps essential to reveal the opaqueness of Power, even if it is step by step, despite failures like the one in Helsinki.

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