The opposition assures that there is a pact between Llaryora and Kirchnerism

A sector of Together for Change assured that there is “a spurious pact” between the mayor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, and Kirchnerismo-Albertismo that is revealed in the project presented in the Deliberative Council of the provincial capital to avoid double Candidacy of Rodrigo de Loredo.

Last week, the capital’s councilor Gabriela Gabriela Pauli -who responded to Olga Riutort- presented a project aimed at preventing a person from being a candidate in two electoral categories, even if the elections are not held on the same day.

“A project to modify the Municipal Electoral Code at the initiative of Riutort, which calls for the laundering of simultaneous elections and the elimination of testimonial candidacies, took parliamentary status,” excludes Pauli on his Twitter social network account.

Opponents considering that this situation whitens the pact with the national government and remember that Riutort is the head of Pami Córdoba, in addition to being one of the leaders who works alongside Carlos Caserio, also an albertista.

For this reason, the sources consulted clarify that the opposition coalition is considering prosecuting the situation in question, since it is necessary to carefully observe whether the Electoral Code of the capital’s Municipality does not violate provincial laws.

For now, they warned that in this way Llaryora and Governor Juan Schiaretti also tried to postpone the municipal elections and reached fines for August or September. “The postponement of the municipal elections would also allow the municipal administration to inaugurate the remodeling of Parque Las Heras, Parque de las Naciones and the Comedia theater, without having to rush the pace,” protested another spokesperson for Together for Change.

Schiaretti has not yet set the date for calling the elections for governor, vice president and provincial legislators, although according to the movements they have made in recent days, it is clear that he will be a presidential candidate.

Let’s remember that the date to present lists for the Paso expires on June 24 at midnight, hours before the provincial election, since it is strongly insisted that Schiaretti’s successor will be elected on June 25.

However, we can anticipate that a tougher schiarettismo sector considers that this date should be postponed for a few weeks to take advantage of the shipment that would mean the launch of the governor’s presidential campaign with a view to the Paso that will be held in August.

Visiting national media and granting different interviews, Schiaretti increased his media participation in the last week, which confirms his plans, although he has not yet defined the structure on which he will rely, beyond the Peronism of Córdoba.

Meanwhile, in the Province, judges, radicals and associates are preparing to develop an electoral campaign that will have some important axes among which strong questions to the justicialista administrations in terms of security and drug trafficking stand out.

Alerted to this possibility, the provincial Executive has carried out in recent days an important activity linked especially to security, which was accompanied by notices that speak of the incorporation of new equipment and automobiles. The participation of the Minister of Government and Security, Julián López, normally reluctant to grant interviews and make public statements, also increased.

Good news for the Cordovan PJ.
Schiaretti’s presentation in the Paso makes the provincial justicialism sigh with relief, because it will avoid the presentation of the so-called short ballot, which by not having provincial references always complicates the candidates for national deputies.

This was already suffered by local Peronism when it presented a ballot without a national anchor and had some major inconveniences to win votes.

Now, if this fact is confirmed, the schiarettistas aspire to get at least two more national deputies, who will join the block that leads the national deputy from Río Cuarto Carlos Gutiérrez.

Precisely Gutiérrez and national senator Alejandra Vigo are Schiaretti’s main political operators in Congress and seek to broaden the governor’s support base.

At the moment, they are just dialogues that multiply with the passing of the days but there are no confirmations. “Juan continues to speak with justicialist governors, with union leaders, with businessmen and with different sectors of production, but we are going slowly. This is not the time to launch any formula ”, used a leader of the small table of the provincial president.

In turn, in Together for Change the internship between the presidential candidates is deepening and today two of them will be in the city of Falda, where the mayor is elected.

The radical Javier Dieminger would obtain a more than comfortable victory against the Albertista Miguel Maldonado, for which the arrival of visitors is expected, both from the province and the Nation.

It could be Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales from Jujuy, both presidential candidates and it is not known if Mauricio Macri will finally reach Punilla’s box. The one who did concede that she will not come is Patricia Bullrich, who, according to some of her relatives, considers that the photos of electoral celebrations are “very negative.” When arguing this information, the informants said that in this sense the surveys are conclusive.

Beyond Bullrich’s absence, a Sunday comes with an overflowing box.

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