The pain of the mother, CPR, “viciousness” and more: this was the first week of the trial for Fernando Báez Sosa

This Friday, January 6, the first week of the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa ended in the courts of Dolores, in which the rugbiers must face the charge of “aggravated homicide”.

The hearings began on Monday, January 2, and a verdict is expected by the end of the month. With a chinstrap and without showing any kind of emotion, the rugbiers witnessed each daywhile the painful story of the mother and the testimony of each of the witnesses was heard.

First day, the heartbreaking story of the parents of Fernando Báez Sosa

On the first day of the trial, the harsh story of Fernando’s mother, Graciela Sosa, was heard. “Fernando was very happy, he had no enemies”, said the mother of the young murder on January 18, 2020 in Villa Gesell.

According to Graciela’s account, The victim sold his play to be able to enjoy with friends. Beyond the memory of the motherThe hardest part came when he had to talk about how he found out about his son’s death.

“The mother of a colleague from Fer called me and asked me if I had understood what had happened. ‘Fernando is dead“He told me,” Graciela narrated.

In that sense, He said that he immediately went to Villa Gesell where some time later he saw the body of his son in the morgue “with his head smashed.”.

The rugbiers in the courtroom of Dolores.

The testimony of the young man’s mother shocked everyone present, except for the rugby players who kept their distance. She looked at their faces and asked, “Why did you do that?”.

After Graciela’s testimony, Silvino Báez, Fernando’s father, spoke, who recounted the facts in a similar way, but added: “It fills me with pride to sit here and talk about him.. With Graciela we always fight so that nothing happens to her. Fernando was the most loved being of my life. The happiest days were Saturday and Sunday because we were all together”.

The father’s story moved Máximo Thomsen, the “leader” of the rugby group and the main accused for having been the one who would have given the “final kick” that ended Fernando’s life outside the Le Brique bowling alley.

Second day: the word of friends

On Tuesday, January 3, it was the turn of Fernando’s friends who were present during the fight, which they demonstrated to reconstruct the facts.

Boys can identify Enzo Comelli, Máximo Thomsen, Lucas and Luciano Pertossi, Matías Beniclli and Ayrton Viollaz, as the attackers and they assured that the aggression was directed.

It was a fierce and merciless attack”, the witnesses said. Thomsen was awarded “three kicks to the jaw”, while Comelli was held responsible for the blow that destabilized Fernando.

One of the victim’s friends maintained that “they punched him in the face”, while describing the aggression as a “ambush”.

Fernando Baez Sosa 20221229
The family of Fernando Báez Sosa demands justice.

Regarding the start of the conflict within Le Brique, they narrated that “someone had touched Julián’s face and Fernando wanted to separate them”. After the patovicas took him out of the place, the young man bought an ice cream and spoke with his friends in a “distended” manner until “they were attacked.”

“Sons of bitches” and “viciousness”: Burlando’s outburst before the testimony of the patovicas

The climate began to tense on Wednesday, January 4, in the hearing room of Dolores when Pablo Ventura declaredthe young man who was framed by the rugbiers.

His testimony further complicated the defendants, since he stated that they are known for “hitting in a group”. “They fight after parties and at the exit of the nightclubs”, featured.

Some journalists present in the room said they had noticed certain smiles among the defendants, for which reason they consulted the lawyer for the Báez Sosa family, Fernando Burlando, about this situation. Consequently, the lawyer raged against the defendants.

“What are you sons of bitches laughing at?”, he launched and reiterated: “If they laughed, I can only say that they are reverend sons of bitches”.

Báez Sosa case: a witness said that Máximo Thomsen was “totally out of control and out of his mind”

After his controversial statement, the patovicas who expelled Fernando, his friends and the rugbiers from the bowling alley began to declare. The head of security at Le Brique, Alejandro “Chiqui” Muñoz, confessed that he “required help” to get Thomsen out of the bowling alley.

I never saw anything like it, it was saña”, assured Muñoz broken into tears and emphasized: “I’ve been working on this for twenty years and I’ve never seen anything like it, all kicks”. In this sense, he recounted that, due to the situation, she was “four days without sleep”.

Later, another of the security spoke, who said he saw Fernando hit him “a blow to the stomach.” Then, it was the turn of who had to expel Benicelli. At that moment, he heard Thomsen say: “You don’t get him out”, for which he added that “he looked at him with a crazy face”.

Fourth day: CPR

During the fourth day of the trial, the most important testimony was that of the young woman who performed CPR on Fernando. This is Virgina Pérez Antonelli, who reported that she asked the young man to “stay with her”.

“It could have only been five minutes, but it was like an hour,” he recalled. The young woman was harshly attacked by the rugbiers’ lawyer, who tried all the time to discredit her.

The Pertossi file: the background of the family of three of the rugbiers accused in the Báez Sosa case

The girl took the trouble to explain step by step not only the maneuver she had performed on Fernando, but also how to act in these cases. “It is better to have a person with a broken rib and live, than a dead person“, said.

Fifth day: the word of the police and the testimony that complicates the rugby players

During the fifth hearing, the police officers who worked on the case will tell how the moment of arrest was. “We ask for the security cameras and then they will be reduced to where they escaped”, said the chief commissioner Lucio Ariel Pintos.

Trial by Fernando Báez Sosa: experts and a receptionist who saw the rugbiers flee

After that, other officers testified about the state of the rugby players at the time of their arrest; One of them even specified that it was Thomsen who framed Ventura.

A) Yes, The first week of the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa endedso the next hearing is expected to begin on Monday, January 9.


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