The plot for which River adds sponsors his shirt while Boca’s is still empty

Mouth and River. River and Mouth. In the absence of a summer superclassic in Mar del Plata, Mendoza or Córdoba, as has happened in other decades, the duel between the two most popular clubs in the country generates results in other fields. It is a game that does not appear on television or on any paid platform, but it is gravitating for the two treasuries: the negotiation with companies with the aim of becoming sponsors.

The novelty is that River has just signed a three-year contract so that DirecTV appeared on the back of the millionaire jersey, under each player’s number. The powerful telecommunications company, whose new owner is the Werthein Group, joins Codere, the multinational of Spanish origin that since June 2022 replaced Turkish Airlines at the front of the red band.

Up to here, everything would be more or less normal, except for one detail that is not very publicized: Codere and DirecTV had several meetings during 2022 to sponsor Boca. However, faced with the failure in the negotiations, decide to move forward with his historical rival.

In March and June, talks between Boca and DirecTV were under way, but President Jorge Amor Ameal stopped them because he warned that another company, HBO, got more money for appearing in the same place: the bottom number of the shirt. The formal agreement was postponed for a few days, and in the end, neither one nor the other signed, which ended a lot of anger in the Werthein family, which in 2021 bought the assets of the satellite television operator in South America from AT&T.

tensions. What was finally established was the contract between DirecTV and River –2.5 million dollars per year–, officially announced this week. “We are very proud to add a leading company like DirecTV to our jersey,” said President Jorge Brito, who knows closely what it means to advertise for soccer teams: his family has owned Banco Macro, for more than one decade main sponsor of Tigre, after a management made by the now Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

While Brito celebrates and River announces its new sponsorship, Boca maintains – and will maintain at the start of this Professional League – its pristine jersey, something beautiful for the fans to see, but not so much for the club’s treasury: according to the contract with Qatar Airways, his last major sponsor, received $7 million per season. “One or two months can pass. But we’ve been there for too long now”, releases someone from inside the xeneizes facilities.

Perhaps for this reason, because the lack of a sponsor began to be, in this electoral year, an argument of the opposition linked to the xeneize macrismo to address management failures, Juan Román Riquelme began to be part of the negotiation table with different companies . “He never participated in management issues, and little by little he has been getting involved,” describes a manager.

In that zigzagging and permanent tension that he has maintained with the president since he took office in December 2019, Román was enthusiastic about Codere – the same online betting and bingos house that River has – but found opposition from Ameal, reluctant to give him the center of the Boca shirt to a bookmaker and online gambling, an item that landed with force in Argentina at the same time that it was banned in the Spanish League so as not to encourage gambling.

Ameal and the small group of leaders who still respond to him have a theory: Boca’s shirt is more valued than River’s. That is another reason why negotiations become complex and bogged down. And for which one shirt is full of marks and the other remains empty.

Premieres in Independiente and San Lorenzo

In this 2023 there will not only be novelties in the Boca and River shirts. Independiente will have on its chest, the website created to attract new members, while Jeluz, an electrical products company, and the RUS insurer will appear on the back. San Lorenzo, for its part, has just signed an agreement with Brubank, the main digital bank in Argentina, so that it becomes the main sponsor of the club. In turn, Racing did not renew its relationship with Aeroset and still does not have a sponsor to replace it. There will be a curiosity: next Friday, the International Super Cup that Racing and Boca will play in Abu Dhabi will have the two teams without advertising on their shirts.

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