The president of Benfica liquidated Enzo Fernández after his sale to Chelsea

the president of the portugal benficathe renowned former footballer rui costashot today against the Argentine midfielder Enzo Fernandezrecently sold to chelsea of ​​england for a million-dollar sum, and assured that “I didn’t want him to wear the shirt anymore“of the institution by”show no commitment“, after expressing his desire to be transferred to the Premier League.

The proposal reappeared two days before the market closed and Enzo was demanding and showed no commitment to the club“, he added.

And he continued: “At lunchtime on the 31st I put on the table the proposal that they buy it now and take it in the summer (June in Europe), substantially lowering the sale value. Even so, the player was completely negative about staying at Benfica and this is where things change and the Benfica fans have to change with me”.

A player who, even so, does not want to stay, is not showing commitment to the club. Even without losing a euro he didn’t want to continue! It was here that I thought that Enzo could no longer continue at Benfica. I have to manage the club and I, as president and supporter, did not want Enzo at Benfica”, added the president of the Portuguese team.

In that line, he closed: “What we are trying to build is a team committed to the club and I did not want Enzo to wear the shirt anymore. I’m not going to cry for a player who doesn’t want to represent Benfica. I trust the players we have. The path is forward and this is my policy.”