The President of French Soccer was removed from office after several scandals

Noël Le Graëtdotted with various and controversial scandals, it was “pulled apart“of the presidency of the French Football Federation (FFF) by its extraordinary Executive Committee, which met this Wednesday in Paris.

NLG (Noël Le Graët) has been removed (…) Philippe Diallo will assume the interim period“, he explained to the AFP a member of that Executive Committee, who did not speak of resignation.

In the position since 2011, Noël Le Graët (81 years old), former socialist mayor of the city of guingampHe had to deal with various current issues at the meeting.

The renewal of Deschamps, the statements against Zidane and accusation of harassment

The renewal of the selector didier deschamps until 2026 it was “unanimously validated”, according to the FFF. That agreement had been announced on Saturday.

On Sunday a great uproar had been generated in France by an intervention by Le Graet at the station RMC when talking about Zinedine Zidanethat during the time it sounded like a possible selector of France if Deschamps left the position.

Le Graet said that to Zidane “I would not have answered the phone” because his only option was to renew at Deschamps. Zidane He sounded for a long time as a candidate for the position.

Football kylian mbappe and the minister Oudéa-Casteraamong many others, criticized the declarations of Le Graetwho apologized on Monday for his “unfortunate words” about Zidane.

The soccer agent Sonia Sound, He also made his defense against the boss: “I should have had that respect. She never looked at me as an agent, but as a piece of candy. To speak vulgarly, she looked at me like two boobs and one ass!” slipped