The Pumas 7s can’t beat New Zealand in the Singapore World Tour final

The cougars 7s fell before New Zealand in the definition of singapore world circuit in a tight match closure where the oceanic won 19-17. Those led by Santiago Gomez Cora made certain mistakes that teams like the All the black people they charge dearly.

The first blow by the New Zealanders came 40 seconds into the game, when Argentina failed to take advantage of a good opportunity to open the scoring with Monetary marks. Error approved by the team that leads the ranking. Attached to the first try came the second for New Zealand that in the blink of an eye went up 12-0.

Those captained by Gaston Revolwho completed 450 games on the circuit and was ranked third in terms of appearances behind the English Dan Norton (470) and the New Zealander Tim Mikkelson (459), discounted at a critical moment in the game through Joaquín Pelladini.

At the end of the first half, the Argentine team wasted a great chance attacking with numerical superiority over the rival defense, but poor ball handling between Moneta and Pelladini vanished the possibility of putting more pressure on New Zealand in the result.

Started the plugin, German Schulz he scored a phenomenal try to get the Pumas back in the game. In any case, that illusion vanished because the All Blacks took advantage of other mistakes by the Argentines to put final figures on the game and take the title with 19-17 in their favor.

With this new consecration, New Zealand establishes itself in the first position of the circuit ranking with 164 points, thus ensuring its ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. For their part, the Pumas 7s are the guards with 140 points

Although those led by Gómez Cora will not be able to reach the New Zealanders in first place, the Argentines have as their main objective to close the season to have their place in the next Olympics. The podium the complete fiji with 130 points.

The path of the Pumas 7s in Singapore

The team led by Santiago Gómez Cora had started their journey in the tournament with a 10-0 win against Ireland without major complications.

In their second presentation they crushed Japan 42-7, while in the last match of the group stage they achieved an agonizing victory against Britain by 19-17.

In the quarterfinals, he once again showed all his power and abandoned a power like Australia by beating him 29-12.

In the semifinals they showed a great display of attitude, since after going to rest with a disadvantage of nine points against samoanThe Pumas came out in the second half with a knife between their teeth to turn the game around and win 24-19 after overtime.

Confirmed calendar for Gómez Cora’s men in Toulouse

The action of the World Tour does not stop and after the consecration of New Zealand in Singapore the calendar and the groups for the seven of toulouse.

The stage that will take place on French soil will be held between May 14 and 17 and will be the penultimate round of the season before closing in London at the end of the same month.

Argentina will integrate Group B With Great Britain, Spain and the guest Germany.

For his part, the other South American representative, The Teros 7s (Uruguay) will share Group A with the All Blacks 7’s, Kenya and Canada. The other two zones are: Fiji, France, South Africa and the United States (the C) and Samoa, Australia, Japan my Ireland (the D).