The retweet of Milei and other Argentine politicians who did not repudiate the attempted coup in Brazil

the national liberal deputy javier milei and the main referents of the Argentine right opted this Sunday for silence after the events carried out in Brazil by followers of Jair Bolsonaro, who seized the headquarters of the Powers to call for a coup against Lula da Silva.

The economist did not present statements in this regard, but a retweet of The Right Daily: “Protests break out in Brasilia against Lula: Right-wing protesters seized the Congress building”.

The serious incidents that occurred this Sunday in Brazil had an immediate impact on social networks. The publications of the main Argentine leaders were dissimilar, since they ranged from messages of solidarity towards Lula da Silva (as an expression of support for democracy and the institutions) to the suggestive reserved attitude of other politicians, who for the moment have not spoken openly.

Twitter / @JMilei

Retweets of Milei 20230108

“Right-wing demonstrations break into the Brazilian Congress building in a massive protest demanding that they stop the dictatorial measures of Lula“suggests another of the controversial retweets published by the liberal referent.

although alberto fernandez defended Lula da Silva against “the coup ghosts that the right promotes” and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta remarked his “deep concern about the assault on the institutions of democracy in Brazil”, other politicians opted for not immediately express his analysis of the serious events.

Bolsonaro lukewarmly criticized the takeover of Brasilia but repudiated Lula’s accusations against him

“Silences” and controversies on Twitter

One of the referents whose silence drew attention was that of Elisa Carriowho this Sunday opted for a reserved attitude and did not disclose his position regarding the facts.

For his part, Mary Eugenia Vidal took the opportunity to criticize the president Alberto Fernández, who during the day had expressed solidarity with Lula da Silva after repudiating “the coup ghosts that the right promotes.”

“A President who ran over the Judiciary He has no authority to accuse anyone of coup plotting.. The Republic always defends itself, not at convenience,” says the former Buenos Aires governor.

In identical directions they are expressed patricia bullrichwho also dedicated a message to the President on his networks: “Democrats with other countries and authoritarians here.”

“Here they want to take over the Supreme Court of Justice and destroy Congress with 14 tons of stones. The day you withdraw the impeachment request from the Court, you can comment on what happens in Brazil“said the president of the PRO.


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