The Secretary of Commerce published the 316 school products of “Fair Prices”

The Secretary of Commerce announced the Complete list of the products that will be part of the “School Basket” within the “Fair Prices” program. The measure will be Valid until Friday March 31. According to what was reported, it will have more than 300 school supplies and clothing at fixed prices in supermarket chains and affiliated bookstores throughout Argentina.

The most expensive return to school: the basket of supplies with increases of 135%

He Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini highlighted, in an interview with Radio 10, that the measure will achieve “order, predictability and relief to the pocket“. He also stressed that “it will bring relief to the pocket of moms and dads who are going to face the return to school with a quota in March that grows much less than what was planned.”

The products included will be available both in the supermarkets of the Association of United Supermarkets (ASU), and in the bookstores belonging to the Argentine Chamber of Stationery, Bookstores and Related Products (Capla).

Sergio Massa gave details of the new “Fair Prices”, which includes the basket and school fees

What can be found in the list of the school basket

  • Black pencil: prices from $30 to $250
  • Rules: Prices range from $99 to $280
  • Erasers: $89, $110, and $149
  • Notebooks of 42 and 48 sheets: from $185 to $465
  • 96-sheet refills: range from $345 to $380
  • Scissors: between $229 and $403.

Also, you get clothes for school:

  • Dust covers: they range from $1,190 to $2,999
  • Sneakers: from $3,199 to $6,490
  • Jogging pants: from $2,599 to $3,999
  • Blue and gray jumpsuits: from $3,599 to $3,999.

For more information, the website of the Ministry of Commerce published a search engine to see the complete list or only what needs to be consulted. To do this, you must enter:

Complete list of products


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