The Selection calendar for the Qualifiers was won: debut and complete fixture

The Argentine national team will face Ecuador on the first day of South American Qualifiers heading to World Cup 2026 which will take place in USA, Mexico and Canadawhile on the second date he must travel to La Paz to measure himself against bolivianas constituted today.

Subsequently, the cast led by lionel scaloni receive a Paraguayan and then visit Peru in October, while for November -in what will be the last double day of the year- it will be local against Uruguay and visitor in the South American classic against Brazil.

The Copa América will have the Qualifiers

The playoffs will suffer a notable stoppage, since in the first part of 2024 there will be no action and in June the America Cup is USA -in which Argentina will seek to defend the crown-, and only in September will the qualifying matches resume.

The places that will be granted by Conmebol for the 2026 World Cup

The novelty that this edition of the Conmebol qualifiers is that, given the increase in participating countries for the world Cup -will go from 32 to 48-, the qualifying quota will classify from four and a half to six and a half.

In this way, there will be six South American teams that will obtain their ticket for the appointment of USA, Mexico and Canadawhile the team that finishes seventh, must play a repechage match.

The complete accessory

The following is the complete fixture of the Argentine national team in the playoffs for him World Cup 2026:
Date 1: Argentina-Ecuador (September 2023).
Date 2: Bolivia-Argentina (September 2023).
Date 3: Argentina-Paraguay (October 2023).
Date 4: Peru-Argentina (October 2023).
Date 5: Argentina-Uruguay (November 2023).
Date 6: Brazil-Argentina (November 2023).
Date 7: Argentina-Chile (September 2024).
Date 8: Colombia-Argentina (September 2024).
Date 9: Venezuela-Argentina (October 2024).
Date 10: Argentina-Bolivia (October 2024).
Date 11: Paraguay-Argentina (November 2024).
Date 12: Argentina-Peru (November 2024).
Date 13: Uruguay-Argentina (March 2025).
Date 14: Argentina-Brazil (March 2025).
Date 15: Chile-Argentina (June 2025).
Date 16: Argentina-Colombia (June 2025).
Date 17: Argentina-Venezuela (September 2025).
Date 18: Ecuador-Argentina (September 2025).