The spicy statements of Hugo Ibarra at a press conference

Boca Juniors could not stay with the International Super Cup after losing 2 to 1 against the group of Avellaneda Racing Club. At the end of the ninety minutes, Hugo Ibarra gave his appreciation to the press, in which he spoke about Rossi and gave his opinion on the controversial penalty awarded to his rival.

The Xeneize coach appeared disappointed with Rossi and fired off a withering comment. “We all remember a Brazilian team that communicated about a pre-contract signed with Agustín and from that moment I decided for this year that all my players have to be 100 percent committed to the club. That’s why it was the decision. I work with 29-30 players and I want them committed”, said.

Definitely the relationship with the goalkeeper is broken and this is evident at the moment, in which the press again consulted him about the possible changes in the goal of his team and in this situation, Ibarra sentenced: “I was clear with the answer, are we? Bye thanks”, pointed out.

Regarding the penalty that ended Racing’s triumph, the Blue and Gold helmsman was sincere and sustained: “I leave hurt because we wanted to win. At the end of the game there was a penalty situation that I think the referee should at least check. So nothing, I end there, we lose the match in which we had a complicated and difficult match and it was open for both of us. They should use the same criteria, they charged us at the Racing field. I found out it was like that and we can’t complain anymore”sure.