The trade balance closed 2022 with a surplus of US$ 6,923 million

The commercial exchange closed the 2022 with a surplus of US$ 6,923 million, compared to US$ 14,751 million in all of 2021, according to this report Thursday on National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).

The result was obtained after in December, the exchange of goods with the exterior a gain of US$ 1,102 million, against the $371 million corresponding to the same month of the previous year, reported the agency telam.

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In 2022, exports totaled US$ 88,446 million and imports, US$ 81,523 million. The commercial exchange increased during the past year by 20.4% and reached the $169,969 millions.

Sales abroad increased 13.5%, to add US$ 10,512 million as a result of a 16.2% rise in prices and a 2.3% reduction in quantities.

Meanwhile, the billing of imports increased 29%, US$ 18,339 million due to a 16.3% increase in prices and 11% in the quantities.

In the analysis of exports by major items, the rise of 15.8% of exports stood out. Manufactures of Industrial Origin (MOI) to add US$ 1,148 million, due to higher sales of land transport material, with an increase of 23%; chemical and related products, 15.9%; common metals and articles thereof.

It was followed in importance by exports of Fuel and Energy (C&E), 58.9% due to growth of 109.3% observed in crude oil sales and, to a lesser extent, fuel.


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