The trial for the crime of Lucas González begins

This Thursday, March 16, starting at 9, the oral trial for the crime of the youth soccer player Central Barracks Lucas Gonzálezkilled by a bullet awarded to the city ​​police on November 17, 2021. There are 14 officers who will be sitting on the defendant bench, of which three are charged with the murder and the remaining 11 reach the oral instance with a requirement to be judged for cover-up and torture of the victim’s friendswith whom they were at the time of the event.

The oral trial begins one year and four months after the fateful morning at the end of 2021 when the young man left training at Club Barracas Central. He was aboard a VW Surán together with Joaquín Zúñiga, Julián Salas and Niven Huanca with the intention of returning home but not before stopping to buy a soda. However, the tranquility they had was disturbed when began to be chased and attacked by a patrol from the City Police, despite not having made any suspicious moves.

After a few minutes of extreme tension, a police shot killed Lucas. Those responsible immediately tried to cover up the situation and that required physically and psychologically torturing the three friends, direct witnesses of the murder. they They will be the first to declare this Thursday in the Amia Room of Commodore Py.

Lucas González’s uncle reflected on discrimination in Argentina

The three young men are represented by Gregory Dalbon, the lawyer who also played a central role in accompanying the victim’s parents. It is expected that he will also declare today Hector “Peca” GonzalezLucas’s father, in front of a room that is expected to be full of family, friends and members of the club to which González belonged but also of other sports institutions.

Who are the defendants

On the bench, meanwhile, the 14 troops are seated of the Buenos Aires force that were linked to the episode that ended the life of a 17-year-old teenager.

Dalbón during the reconstruction of the event that took place in Barracas.

are the inspector Gabriel Alejandro Issasi (41)the official mayor Fabian Andres Lopez (48) and the official Juan Jose Nieva (37), former members of the Brigades and Summaries Division of Commune 4 of the City Police and are now detained. They are charged with the crime of aggravated homicide “for having been committed with treachery, for pleasure, for racial hatred, for the premeditated collaboration of two or more people and for being committed abusing his role or position by a member of a police force.”

One of the points that will be elucidated during the trial is if the troops really identified themselves with the high voice or they acted at close range, without giving any indication that would allow the young people to infer that they were being persecuted by the police. It is worth remembering that these troops were not on board a car plotted with the colors of the Buenos Aires force, clearly identifiable. On the contrary, they were aboard a civilian Nissan Versa.

The three police officers accused of the murder of Lucas González were detained

The other defendants are Daniel Alberto Santana (50), commissioner inspector of the Neighborhood Communal Department 4 of Barracas; his colleague of the same rank Rodolfo Alejandro Ozan (54); the commissioners of that agency, Fabian Alberto Du Santos (51), Juan Horace Romero (51) and Jesus Chocobar (51). Also Roberto Orlando Inca (47)of the Summaries and Brigades Division of the dependency, the main one of the 4D Commune, Hector Claudio Cuevas (50); and the officers of the 4D Neighborhood Commissioner Sebastián Jorge Baidón (28), Jonathan Alexis Martínez (34), Ángel Darío Arévalos (34) and Daniel Rubén Espinosa (33).

All of them are indicated in the requirement for submission to trial for having learned to hide the fact and for the torture of Lucas’s friends. Specifically, as published telamThe crime for which they are being prosecuted is “ideological falsehood, illegal deprivation of liberty aggravated by functional abuse and without provision of the law, cover-up aggravated by the status of public officials and because the predicate offense is especially serious and imposition of torture”.

March Lucas Gonzalez
Cintia, Lucas’s mother, will not be at the trial because she is hospitalized.

In turn, two of them, Cuevas and Inca, were denounced for aggravated false testimony.

Dalbón: “We are not going to impose media condemnations”

In a clear attempt to differentiate itself from the epic that gave the Baez Sosa case your colleague fernando mockingDalbón tried to detach himself from that and in the pretrial room he clarified: “We do not want exemplary justice, explained to the parents that it should be fair, it should not be too much or too little. We respect the defendants, their principle of innocence and of course we will respect the decision of Justice without imposing media sentences.”

On the other hand, he recalled when asked by the aforementioned medium that the youngsters “simply came from training at a club and The police said that they were making movements with the car, which is not true“.

Lorena Miño, the police officer who turned herself in after the murder of Lucas González: “I have nothing to do with it”

“The ballistic tests speak for themselves, they indicated that they shot in vital areas: Lucas was hit in the head by two bullets. A fact that in 40 years of Democracy I had never seen”, said Dalbón.

The lawyer, known for his intervention in legal cases related to the vice president Cristina Kirchner, stated that the accused officers considered the victims suspicious because of their skin color. For this reason, he added, “we propose the aggravating circumstance of homicide due to racial hatred.”

Finally, he said that Lucas’s father will be one of the first to testify as a witness to be able to witness the rest of the hearings. While, Cintia, her mother, is hospitalized because “she cannot overcome the situation and had several suicide attempts.

The trial will be in charge of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 25, made up of judges Ana Dieta de Herrero, Daniel Navarro and Marcelo Bartumeu Romero.


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