The two players of the Argentine National Team who could leave their teams

a month ago, the Argentine national team modify consecrate with the Qatar World Cup 2022. They will remain, for two players of the world champion the happiness did not last long, since, on their return to their respective clubs, they have not been taken into account by their coaches and probably the managers of these teams will have thought of transferring them.

The first on the list is Rodrigo de Paul, who since his return to Atlético de Madrid has not added any minutes. Despite having been summoned by Simeone in some Colchonero clashes, the midfielder was no longer one of Diego Simeone’s priorities.

The same situation is Leandro Paredesmember of Juventus from Italy, who appears on the list of players whose contract will not be renewed at the end of the season.

Walls and DePaul

Without a doubt, they are decisions that we cannot understand. The only thing that remains for us to hope is that, given an imminent exit, the immediate future will allow them to be part of teams that prioritize them due to their status as winners of the last World Championship.