The unusual favor that Dibu Martínez would do for Lionel Messi: “I cut my salary”

the archer of astonville from England emiliano drawing martinez joked about the possibility that Lionel Messi arrive at the British club once his departure from the paris saint germain and assured that he will prepare roasts for her every day and will feed her mates.

If they whistle it I would bring it to the Villa. Come here, we’ll feed you mates and there I do barbecue every weekend. I make people make little flags and that’s it, they have a good time“, expressed the drawing for a television interview.

It’s almost a fact that Lion stop being a player of the Parisian team in July of this year and his future is still uncertain despite the fact that all the roads indicate that he would return to the Barcelona.

I cut my salary, we do everything we can“joked the goalkeeper. It is not yet confirmed which club he will play for Messi in the future but has three firm proposals: Al Hilal from Saudi Arabiahe Miami Inter Delaware david beckham and the long-awaited return to Barcelona who today directs Xavi Hernandez.

His save in the World Cup final against Kolo Muani

On the historic save in the final against Randall Kolo Muani characteristic: “There will never be a save like that. Maybe I saved a better one, but that will remain for life. For the moment, the tension, the suffering“.

“I felt the tension in my center-backs when they tied us. It’s a moment in which the team is very hurt. What I like the most is being so calm at the moment of impact. I didn’t run away or go backwards. I stayed where I had to stay,” he explained.

I can save 200 better balls, but that’s going to be the save of my life.“, the albiceleste goalkeeper maintained about that save in the final against France in the last play that allowed him to reach penalties and then become world champion.