The Women’s Championship returned with two draws

ripped the women’s championship and in the first two games that were played, there was no winning team. Future tied 2-2 with students of La Plata and lanus equalized without goals against Buenos Aires students.

Students (LP)After he couldn’t break zero in the first half, he opened the scoring thanks to a goal from Rocio Correa. Minutes later, juliet gergo established the 2 to 0 for the visitors. But before 30 minutes, Delilah Caceres and mariangeles diazThey scored for the locals and put definitive figures on the match.

On the property of Valentín Alsina, lanus received a Students (BA), revelation team of the last tournament. A very even game from start to finish, with situations for both teams, which seemed to be leaning towards the visit when they sent off magaly badilla in the Pomegranates. But in the final minutes, Students suffer expulsion from Juana Galliotti and the match ended goalless.

Tomorrow the date continues and at 9 am, in La Quemita, Hurricane receive a independent. In it Juan Carmelo Zerillo, La Plata Gymnastics will face HE SAT. At the last time, at 5:00 p.m., UAI Urquiza you will be playing in front of Banfield.