These will be the referees of the matches on date 11 of the Professional League

A new date of Argentine soccer passed with the prominence of Silver river and San Lorenzo, who did the work correctly in order to win the first places in the tournament. Also, the fans were aware of the defeats of Independiente, Boca and Racing.

Now a new chapter is coming that will be played during the week and in which great emotions will probably be shared for all its fans. Here we leave you the authorities that will be in charge of the matches of the following day.

Tuesday April 11

14.00 Barracks – Platense
Referee: Ariel Penel
Assistant referee 1: Gerardo Lencina
Assistant referee 2: Adrián Delbarba
Fourth official: Julio Barraza
VAR: Lucas Novelli
AVAR: Gerardo Carretero

19.00 Argentines – Union
Referee: Fernando Rapallini
Assistant referee 1: Pablo Acevedo
Assistant referee 2: Gisela Trucco
Fourth official: José Carreras
VAR: German Delfino
ÁVAR: Juan Pablo Belatti

21.30 Banfield – Defense and Justice
Referee: Nicolás Lamolina
Assistant referee 1: Diego Bonfá
Assistant Referee 2: Mariana De Almeida
Fourth official: Mauro Biasutto
VAR: Mauro Vigliano
ÁVAR: Gastón Suárez

21.30 Institute – Vélez
Referee: Silvio Trucco
Assistant referee 1: Gabriel Chade
Assistant referee 2: Daniel Zamora
Fourth official: José Díaz
VAR: Nazareno Arasa
AVAR: Diego Verlotta

21.30 Córdoba Central – Lanús
Referee: Fernando Echenique
Assistant referee 1: Cristian Navarro
Assistant referee 2: Iván Núñez
Fourth official: Nelson Bejas
VAR: Hector Paletta
AVAR: Javier Uziga

Wednesday April 12

16.30 San Lorenzo-Boca
Referee: Facundo Tello
Assistant referee 1: Juan Pablo Belatti
Assistant referee 2: José Castelli
Fourth official: Pablo Echavarría
VAR: Hernan Mastrangelo
ÁVAR: Maximiliano Del Yesso

19.00 Belgrano – Hurricane
Referee: Luis Lobo Medina
Assistant referee 1: Marcelo Bistocco
Assistant referee 2: Matías Bianchi
Fourth official: Yamil Possi
VAR: Ariel Penel
AVAR: Diego Romero

19.00 Racing – Newell’s
Referee: Fernando Espinoza
Assistant referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky
Assistant referee 2: Lucio Mendez
Fourth official: Germán Delfino
VAR: Diego Abal
AVAR: Julio Fernandez

21.30 Students – Atlético Tucumán
Referee: Yael Falcon Perez
Assistant Referee 1: Ariel Scime
Assistant referee 2: Mario Bardina
Fourth official: Sebastián Zunino
VAR: Salome Di Iorio
AVAR: Dario Herrera

21.30 Rosario Central – Independent
Referee: Jorge Balino
Assistant referee 1: José Savorani
Assistant referee 2: Walter Ferreyra
Fourth official: Joaquín Gil
VAR: Fernando Rapallini
AVAR: Lucas Germanotta

Thursday April 13

14.00 Arsenal – Godoy Cruz
Referee: Rodrigo Rivero
Assistant referee 1: Mariano Altavista
Assistant referee 2: Lucas Ripoli
Fourth official: Javier Delbarba
VAR: Leandro Rey Hilfer
AVAR: Mariana De Almeida

16.30 Columbus – Workshops
Referee: Sebastian Martinez
Assistant referee 1: Facundo Rodríguez
Assistant referee 2: Hernán Vallejos
Fourth official: Andrés Gariano
VAR: Yael Falcon Perez
AVAR: Diego Bonfa

19.30 Rio – Gymnastics
Referee: Dario Herrera
Assistant Referee 1: Maximiliano Del Yesso
Assistant referee 2: Damián Espinoza
Fourth official: Edgardo Zamora
VAR: Jorge Balino
AVAR: Fabricio Llobet

21.30 Tiger – Sarmiento
Referee: Nicolas Ramirez
Assistant referee 1: Maximiliano Castelli
Assistant referee 2: Javier Callegari
Fourth official: Cristian Cernadas
VAR: Fernando Espinoza
AVAR: Pablo Echavarria