They arrested the “Monster” in Mar del Plata: a Brazilian accused of sexual abuse of girls

A Marcos Vitor Aguiar Dantas Pereira he is known in his homeland as the “Monster” and he found himself a fugitive from Justice after knowing the sentence of 33 years in prison for him sexual abuse of four female minors. The individual had escaped from authorities but was identified by Interpol’s Federal Fugitives and Extraditions Division in sea ​​of ​​silverin front of Los Gallegos Shopping.

Pereira, nicknamed the Monster by the media in his country, is a Brazilian student who was abused by 4 girls who belonged to his family environment: two 3 and 4 year old sisters and two cousins.

His own family had denounced him when the traumatic situation experienced by one of her cousins ​​came to light. Apparently, he would have abused the young woman from 5 to 10 years of age.

since received more accusedbeing his sisters and another cousin the victims of the abuses committed.

Evidence and arrest warrant against Marcos Vitor Aguiar Dantas Pereira

The Monster’s crimes were examined and corroborated by the psychologists from the Brazilian judicial court and even spread a film where one of the victims described the serious events, according to the investigators.

From then on, the Criminal Court No. 5 of Teresina Piaui ruled immediate international capture.

By virtue of the foregoing, Interpol Brazil began the tireless search for the accused, severely in the conjecture that he could move to Argentina.

World Day for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse against Children and Boys

While the authorities followed Pereira’s steps, it was learned that during his stay in Buenos Aires they worked in a local food, in the porteño neighborhood of palermo.

The researchers continued with the search, until they managed to locate the Monster in the populous city of Mar del Plata.

Although the young man had changed his physical appearance in such a way (he let his hair and beard grow), the detectives recognized him and were arrested.

The case is dealt with by Federal Court No. 3 of Mar del Plata, in charge of Judge Alfredo López, while Interpol completes the necessary procedures to move forward with the extradition and transfer of the ‘Monster’ towards Brazil.


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