They honored Cuti Romero with a large mural

The acknowledgments of the world champions continue, and in recent days, The one who received another “mime” was the defender Cristian ticking Rosemary.

In Córdoba, his native province, they made a large mural in front of the Plaza de las Américasas a tribute for being part of the Argentine team that won the title in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The initiative was implemented within the framework of the municipal program “Art of Our People” and the mural was made by the artist Rodo Graff, who drew the figure of the defender in the entirety of a wall 13 meters high and seven meters wide.

In that sector, murals of the other soccer players of the province who participated in the consecration had been made weeks ago: PAulo Dybala, Nahuel Molina and Julián Álvarez.

“It is a total pride, I am very grateful to the Municipality, the mayor and the artist”express Rosa González, mother of Cutiwhen participating in the authorization of the work.

Víctor Romero, father of the soccer player of Tottenham in England, recounted: “The first time I saw it, I was moved. It’s incredible the work that the artist did.”

It was a special, inexplicable experience. While I painted it I relived many moments of the WorldI People passed by and greeted me or honked the horn, it was very loud,” he said. the artist rodo graff.