They simulate an official visit in a prison to get to the cell of a pimp

The Tucuman jail of Villa Urquiza It is one of the toughest in Argentina. It looks abandoned, dirty and dark like the worst prisons in Central America. IS old and gigantic: has 95 years (was inaugurated in 1928) and occupies about eight blocks. In a pavilion there are usually up to 300 detainees (and more too). A complete tour lasts several hours. And anything can happen.

Walter Alfredo Ayalaa pimp who is serving a sentence for human trafficking, has been staying there since 2017. He is not a common prisoner. He occupies a special cell with an LED TV and decoder with cable service that he shares with another detainee., in a sector quite far from the main entrance. It is not a great luxury, it must be admitted, but he is in a privileged situation compared to the majority of the detainees.

more than six months ago Airport Security Police (PSA), a load of Joseph Glinskybegan to inquire about an organization that supposedly ran several “private” departments in the city of san miguel de tucumán, under a modality known as “soft trafficking”. It was during this search that the name of Ayala appeared again, despite the fact that he had been locked up in the Villa Urquiza prison for nearly six years. Also his wife’s alejandra galvan.

Photos and extortion

Ayala and his wife were tried and sentenced in this August 2019. Justice those responsible for recruiting women in vulnerable situations and exploiting them in two brothels. The pimp received twelve years in prison and Galván five. It was one of the highest sentences in a human trafficking case handed down in the province.

in the debate It was demonstrated that the victims were possible as merchandise to the occasional “customers”. through websites, and later sexually exploited in two places that functioned as “private”. The judges considered it aggravating that one of the victims was pregnant and was a minor at the time of the events.

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As soon as he knew them, Ayala took photographs of them that he later used to extort them, telling them that he would spread them if they did not continue practicing prostitution. The couple never separated. Shortly after leaving her, Galván would have taken it upon himself to resume her business following the directives of her husband.

new cause

The suspicion is that they continued recruiting young girls from the interior of the province or from deprived neighborhoods of the provincial capital so that they practiced prostitution in different apartments that they themselves rented temporarily.

The defendants, always according to the investigation, obtained an important commission. Apparently, they coordinated the meetings through sexual offer sites such as Cafecito or Skokkaand they used different virtual wallets (Mercado Pago, Ualá or Tarjeta Naranja) to make the payments.

The raid carried out by the PSA in a “private” department of Tucumán

The first data that started the case arose from an anonymous call to line 145, made in September of last year. In the first months of work, in charge of the Operational Unit for Drug Trafficking and the Northern Complex Crimewhich depends on the Regional 3 of the North of the PSA, there were many follow-up tasks, analysis of social networks and crossover of calls. However, investigators are unable to identify the traffickers.

disclosing agent

“We reached a point of not moving forward without approaching the traffickers, and then we asked to use the figure of the revealing agent,” explained to PROFILE one of the detectives who participated in the investigation.

This figure, which had only been used by the PSA in one case in the province of Santiago del Estero, was incorporated into Law 27,319 in 2016.

The revealing agent is a policeman who, in this particular case, pretended to be a client to approach the victims and obtain information. “We use a WhatsApp account to establish a contact. The limits of the use of this investigative tool are established by the judge,” said the same source.

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In this case, since it was forbidden to have contact with the victim, an account was created with a pseudonym and this figure was used. “We did a search on pages of sexual services, which work as classifieds. We filter and begin to locate the women who work for these people. Through these talks we managed to find the departments”, added one of the spokespersons consulted for this note.

When the first track came up that targeted Ayala and his wife, the investigators tapped their telephone lines to add more evidence to the case. In these tasks they detected that one of the telephones that one of the girls used to make meetings with her clients was in the name of Galván, the wife of the pimp.

In these months of research, The detectives analyzed the lists of calls made by the couple and cross-checked with the most common contacts.

By listening to the investigations we can determine how the couple operated. According to confidence, they did it under the modality “soft trade”, as the trafficker who is cordial and kind to the victim is called. “It gives her the freedom to go and return to his house. They create a false environment of containment,” explained another of the sources.


He Tuesday April 4 last the federal judge Fernando Luis Povina probably carry out four simultaneous raids, one of them in the Villa Urquiza prison. The main objective was to kidnap Ayala’s cell phone, central evidence of the investigation.

04 08 2023 Villa Urquiza Prison Tucumán
The terrible prison of Villa Urquiza, one of the oldest and oldest in the Penitentiary Service (Photo: La Gaceta).

Since the defendant was housed in a distant cell, investigators understood that there was a good chance that he could find out about the operation before the arrival of the authorities and discard the telephone set.

To reduce the margin of error, the prosecutor Agustín Chit arrived at the Unit with the Minister of Security, Eugenio Aguero Gamboa, and several plainclothes PSA agents. He appeared before the director of the prison but did not inform him that they were going to carry out an operation. They did not trust anyone.

They told him that they were going to make an official visit to verify the conditions in which the detainees were found. and they asked him to accompany them. When they finally reached the sector where Ayala found themselves, they began the search. They seized the phone they were looking for, various chips and some documentation. At the same time, his wife was arrested at her home in southern Tucumán and a collector in one of the “private” raids. The operation had been a success.


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