To never forget: Messi continues recording what happened in Qatar 2022

The man of the moment, something to which he is accustomed, is Lionel Messi who entered a circle of interviews to refer to what was the last World Cup event that for the eternal happiness of the 10th and of all the Argentine people ended in the best way in that definition on December 18, 2022. He broke the silence with a emotional dialogue with andy kusnetzoff, for Perros de la Calle, giving rise to the skin of all Leo’s followers who were attentive to his words. In any case, what happened in Qatar did not take all the prominence, the captain referred to his future, how he sees the National Team and did not avoid his show of affection and respect for Lionel Scaloni, one of the great leaders of the albiceleste conquest , man who spoke about his future.

Explaining that his eagerness to throw himself on the glass to be able to touch it and kiss it, when the authorities still had to hand it over to the captain to raise it together with his companions and friends, was a spontaneous action that he was unable to control, Messi He referred to how much it cost him to achieve his long-awaited goal and how satisfying it was that he arrived at this moment. “After so much time in the National Team, from previous World Cups, having been so close also in 2014, having seen her there passing so close without being able to do what I did in this last one. Behind this there was a lot of sacrifice, a lot of defeat, a lot of hard times, which I had to go through. It was a beautiful situation.”

Regarding another exciting moment on the night of December 18 at the Lusail StadiumThe Argentine captain referred to the last penalty executed by Gonzalo Montiel, “Cachete” as they call him on the squad: “To this day it is a very exciting moment, even when I see it like this, more than that moment for living it calmer and having spent some time and seeing it today excites me even more. I see a lot of videos appearing on social networks and things that are showing and the truth is that it’s incredible, everything appears… It’s not the same but you see similar videos, the last penalty of cache, how they tell it in different countries or videos of groups that get together to watch the matches and how they lived it after being world champions. Very nice moments.”

Messi, the hero of PSG’s victory against Montpelellier

Without escaping a question that must have been around so much in Messi’s head of whether or not he was going to win the world Cup, on the 10th he did not hide his feelings and his conviction that this elusive moment was going to happen to him. “It is as we used to say with my people, my family, my friends. It had to be like that, it was written, that it was the end of a movie, that it had to end with a happy ending. I once said that I was sure that God was going to give me a World Cup. And I don’t know why I felt it, but I felt it very strongly. And I think the moment he chose was the best. If I had had another moment, I would not have chosen another. ending like this is great”, Leo argued about the farewell to that eternal thorn that he dragged.

Although the central theme of the dialogue with Messi It would be regarding the details, sensations and how the World Cup would be affected indoors, the Argentine captain was encouraged to talk about his future with the National Team shirt. “I don’t know, I always said that due to age it seems to me that it is very difficult for him to arrive. I love playing football, I love what I do and as long as I’m good and fit and continue to enjoy it, I’m going to do it. But it seems like a lot to me until the next World Cup, ”commented the man from Rosario, implying that he sees his appearance in one more Copa América as more likely (it will be in the United States in 2024) than another World Cup event in the United States-Mexico-Canada 2026 . The driver of the combined albiceleste is Qatar 2022 He would reach the next World Cup at the age of 39, the only fact that could cast doubt on his presence.

In any case, Lionel left a small door open to the illusion of the Argentines to see him play another World Cup defending the colors of his country. I’m not getting ahead of anything either. But it is what I repeat and I will repeat. Due to age and time, it seems to me that it is difficult. But it depends on how my career goes. Today I am going to turn 36, I am going to see where my career is going, what I am going to do and it depends on many things”.

Roll the ball in a new edition of the Club World Cup in Morocco

Before getting fully into the situation of lionel scaloni who has yet to sign his extension of the link with the National Team, Messi once again stands out outside the pitch, where he leaves no doubt that he is someone from another planet, he is an ordinary person, or at least that tries. “Well I always tried to be normal in quotes. Living like a normal person, being able to enjoy the little things in life, my family, my children. I tried not to do something for the sake of being known, for being recognized. I always tried to be myself and live normally. I think having the family I have to do outside that way too. And apart from the fact that I am known, they can ask me for an autograph, a photo, I always try to live as one of the others. Normal”.

Now yes, referring to lionel scaloni, the one in charge of giving that hand that Messi was missing, giving shape to a team that worked for him and with him also to achieve his only goal of shouting world champion with Argentina were words of respect and admiration for the idea of ​​the game that he embodied in the team the one born in Pujato. “I think that when it came to preparing the matches, although I used a clear idea and we knew what we wanted to play, because it was also a setup from him for the 2019 Copa América, which we won, we grew and strengthened a way of playing . But beyond that, the way of preparing the games, because although we were always the protagonists and it was the rival that studied us, we always manipulated a small nuance in each game that made us press better and that we could have the ball quickly . I think it was very difficult to damage us when not using it. I think that in each game, the seven of us prepared in a phenomenal way, that at each moment we knew what to do with and without the ball and that for a player is essential. Because we already played from memory and when I use it, we already knew what to use to do”.

“A certain Messi” were in Egypt 4,300 years ago

Entering the final stretch of the interview, the PSG striker referred to a delicate issue that, although it seems to be resolved, is still keeping more than one Argentine in a veil. It is about the renewal of Scaloni to continue in command of the Argentine national team. Claudio “Chiqui” TapiaPresident of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) put cold cloths on the situation and assured that with Scaloni there is a verbal agreement for his renewal, it remains for him to return to the country to put the hook on it and make it official.

In tune with this, Messi showed his support for his continuity in command of the Albiceleste team. “I hope he finishes signing and continues because I think that apart from everything he has been showing, he is a very important person for the National Team and for this entire group that has been growing with him. Because beyond the fact that they won the Copa América, the Finalissima and the World Cup, they are young people and I think that continuing with this same process and not having to change would be spectacular. But hey, it’s his decision and whatever it is is understandable because well, he also won everything as a coach and this is football. And if the next Copa América goes badly for us, they’re going to hit him again, they’re going to hit us again, we know it’s like that. But he can also look for other challenges. The truth is that after the World Cup we didn’t talk anymore, yes during the World Cup and before long, when he finished he took vacations haha ​​And each one to his own. Whatever he decides will be fine for everyone, but hopefully he decides to continue because it will be the best for Argentina”.

Even Messi conceded that he communicated to Tapia his position regarding the renewal of scaloni. “No, I discussed this issue with him and obviously I told him personally as well. That it would be good for him to continue, for him to know (Tapia) that we all want him (Scaloni) to continue. It is a very personal decision. And there are many things behind that also depend on him and I am not referring to the contract, many human things that he has to weigh in the balance and see what is best for him and his family also because he is a very familiar person and he influences a lot he”.


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