Together and organized to encourage Colón: the story of the women who accompany each other to the field

The start of the Professional League 2023 It has all the fans of Argentine soccer expectant. many already He begins to prepare the shirts, the flags, the card, the quotas, the tickets and organizes “the preview” a fundamental part of the soccer ritual.

But the acts of violence and insecurity that unfortunately coexist with the folklore of soccer, made this wonderful ritual of going to the field impossible to live for many women and children, who do not want to expose themselves to the dark and dangerous of the greatest passion of the country.

It is not easy for a woman to love soccer and experience it as one more fanbecause at the beginning when you are a girl they don’t let you go aloneLater you grow up and you can find a friend who wants to accompany you, but even so they insist that “don’t go alone”. Not to mention that from our most tender and innocent childhood we heard that “football is not for girls or what “You are a tomboy for going to the court”.

Times change, very slowly but society evolves, and women no longer need anyone’s approval and accompaniment to do what we want to do, or to be where we want to beY This also applies to football, one of the spaces that used to sting us the most.

is Santa Fe there is a community made up only of swollen colon womenthat weekend after weekend they organize to go together to Brigadier General Estanislao López. Micaela Célota, journalist and one of the founders of “40 Twitteras”, in dialogue with 442, told how this group of Sabaleras was born.

“40 Twitteras was born in principle from a personal need, My dad would have to when I was 14 years old and he was the one who took me to the field, then my mom wouldn’t let me go alone. When I returned to the court it was with a friend, but older, and we always went alone. Until one day It appeared to me to ask on Twitter if there were more girls who were experiencing the same thing and the cell phone was flooded with notifications. There I realized that it was a need of manyso we began to pass the cell phones and we went more and more until we said well, there are many of us at 40″.

That was the number that gave the group its name, but clearly many more began to arrive: “Word of mouth helped the growth of the 40 a lot, and the diffusion in the media also. But what was most important was creating Instagram and Twitter. Other accounts like @infosocioscolon and the groups were also talking about us, they always invited us and added us to their ideas. same as in the previous one caught the attention of so many girls together.”

Colon fans

On how a preview with the 40 Twitteras is, Micaela said: “It starts from the WhatsApp group where we organize ourselves where to go, at what time and who brings drinks, ice, glasses, etc… Then the main idea is create a safe place for women where we are accompanying each other and taking care of each other. Too there are women of all ages and many come with their childrenmore than anything because we try to make it a safe and shared space for all women who want to be there”.

“I feel that we are doing something new or at least we women are making ourselves noticed. We want to feel respected and earn our space. It surprises every time we all go in together, but the idea is that that does not happen, but that it is something common now. like what there is a generation of children who are the mothers who carry it and that changes the perspective that a man He was the one who made you from the club. We hope to continue gaining more spaces and above all safe for all of us”, reflected the journalist.

In the last days, Atlético Paranaense It was a trend on social networks because carried out an unprecedented event in the world of football: due to a sanction that only applied to men for acts of violence, only women and children under 12 years of age were allowed into the stadium, and in total there were more than 32 thousand people.

On the possibility that the Argentine soccer boards adopt a similar measure if necessary, Micaela said: “We are far from something like Atlético Paranaense happening, I don’t know if because of the board’s decisions, but because I feel that the men here would not take it well, that they would open incidents outside or try to force their way into the stadium. Like jokes or jokes in networks would also explode against us. But whenever there is an incident, the first to run with the children and everything, are the women. So it wouldn’t be fair to ban us from watching our team.”

In the Estadio de Colón during the 90’s there was a famous “women’s elbow” in the popular forumbut with the remodeling that was done to the “Cemetenrio de los Elefantes”, the fans began to settle in different sectors, and Micaela believes that today they “it would be small”and added: “More than anything because if it would come out the same as the popular one (which is only quota per day) many of those who make an effort to go to the east for security reasons or because they are going with minors, would choose to go to the elbow. It would be beautiful to listen to the songs of Columbus in chorus with the voice of women. Let’s hope one day we can make a space for ourselves, more than anything because of the incidents we already experienced last year.”

Regarding the current situation of the team that Marcelo Saralegui leads today, Micaela expressed: “We always support the club and we wish the best of luck for the team that is. If we feel that for some time that the good players who left us were not eliminated with reinforcements of the same level. Many of the younger boys went free and when we had to fight the contract of some, we were present in the networks so that this was fulfilled. Nor do we see that the reinforcements are very distributed, they brought more forward players than defenders, but We have faith in Saralegui for this tournamentOr so we choose to believe.”

When does Colón play and where do the Sabaleras qualify?

Colón will debut in the Professional League 2023 as a local next Sunday 29 at 7:15 p.m. against Lanúsand the 40 Twitteras, will do the preview in JJ Paso and Saavedra“Although we know that many go to the south park earlier to enjoy more from noon, but we meet at the corner of sabalera“Micaela closed.