Twitter is working on its own currency for the platform

Twitter is working on a new feature that he plans to support users with. content creators and, incidentally, monetize the platform, one of the ambitions of Elon Musk. The digital asset would be calledcoins”.

The project was discovered by the blogger and security researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who ensures that Twitter is working on the development of the currency in partnership with the payment processor, Stripe.

Wong, who was the first revelation in the project in December last year, shared some screenshots this week about the new feature through his Twitter account. The feature will allow users to “support creators who tweet great content”.

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According to decipherthe development would have a purchase interface and a menu item button for coins, and will use Stripe to process trust payments.

As part of that project, Twitter additionally develops an “Awards” function (Awards) that will allow creators to monetize their content on the social network. Although for now, the function has a minimum redemption limit.

According to Wong, who receives the “Awards” you need to wait for some time until you have earned at least US$50 to be able to remove them. This is the same minimum payout amount for those monetizing the “Super Follows” feature that already exists on Twitter, according to decipher.

Nevertheless, it is not clear if the new Twitter projects acquired cryptocurrencies or currencies based on the blockchain. Wong told the aforementioned portal that he found “no clean indication that the Twitter coins be cryptographic”.

Many have speculated that under Musk’s command the company could delve deeper into the crypto universe. DOGE supporters have been especially optimistic about the possibility of integration with that memecoin, something Musk has hinted at several times. Also, several of his other companies already accept Dogecoin payments.


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