Two men appeared for eating barbecue in poor condition in Berazategui

Two men aged 48 and 36 appeared in Berazategui after eating barbecue and offal in bad shape Both arrived at the Evita Pueblo Hospital with symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting and then confirmed that they had shigella and salmonellatwo bacteria that generate serious poisoning.

Through a statement, the Municipality of Berazategui commanded by Juan José Mussi, detailed: “They died in the hospital on January 12 and 17.” “Both were admitted with symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting, with subsequent unfavorable evolution.. Fecal matter cultures revealed the presence of shigella and salmonella. Both claimed to have consumed meat and offal days prior to the onset of symptoms,” the text details.

After the result was known, the hospital notified the municipality’s Bromatology Directorate, whose staff took samples of merchandise from the shops where the disappeared had purchased. These tests were sent for analysis to the National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) and the National Food Institute (INAL). In addition, the municipality closed one of the butcher shops for lack of hygiene measures.

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For its part, the Berazategui Public Health Secretariat clarified that there was no increase in cases of diarrhea in primary care centers and that there was no increase in patients admitted with these symptoms at the Evita Pueblo Hospital. Anyway, They reminded the population of the importance of respecting cleaning and care measures during food handling, the conservation of its cold chainand correct and frequent hand washing.

The pain and warning of the niece of the victims

Alin Serena, who said she was the niece of the men who appeared, told her social networks: “My uncle was 48 years old. He got together to eat a barbecue with another of my uncles and ate offal. The next day, It started with vomiting, diarrhea and a lot of pain in the intestines.”.

“At the time began to convulse, had to be rushed to the emergency room from the Evita Pueblo Hospital, where he almost died with a picture of dehydration and kidney failure ”, he continued.

achuras poisoning case

“They assisted him and tried to stabilize him, but his kidneys were barely working anymore. On the second day he entered drug therapy. He had multi-organ failure, went on strike and spent January 12 at the Berazategui hospital. He did not have any underlying disease, I could not save him, ”lamented the young woman.

Shigella and salmonella: the deadly bacteria

In both cases, the presence of shigella and salmonella was detected, the first through the fecal-oral route. It can be contracted by its presence in contaminated water or food.

Salmonella is also a bacterium that is transmitted through a wide variety of foods, but above all it is associated with meat and derivatives. “Animals’ feet, hair and skin can become contaminated while walking or lying on soil contaminated with feces and, from there, during slaughter they could reach the meat. Food handlers and people in charge of care on farms and hatcheries can also, due to poor hygienic practices, contaminate their hands”, details ANMAT.


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