Two Norwegians walked from Palermo to the Conurbano: “It seems like another country”

A couple of tourists from Norway encouraged to walk approximately 40 kilometers to go from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of palermo and go through it Buenos Aires suburbs until you get to The slaughter. In this framework, he showed the contrast between the zones: “It seems another country”.

The video of the Norwegians, uploaded to the @poggypoff account, went viral with more than 180,000 views on that social network.

In it, the tourists show the route they took, that some 8 and a half hours, to get to La Matanza

They passed through the towns of Isidro Casanova, San Martín and San Justo, among other Buenos Aires territories. In the video, they will also tell what their impressions of each place were as they progressed until they reached their destination.

“Dead horses and burned garbage in Buenos Aires”

They also reported that they met “dead horses and burned garbage in buenos aires“, as observed in the description of the video. “It seems another country,” they said in the comparison between the Conurbano and the Federal Capital.

In addition to the more than 180,000 views that the video has on TikTok, there are more than 16,000 and several comments that warned them about insecurity in Argentina.

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