Viral ticket: the Argentine peso is “infinite” for a restaurant in Uruguay

The devaluation of Argentine peso generates some controversy every year when tourists spend their vacations in destinations of Uruguay Like Punta del Este. In that sense, a ticket from a restaurant in the neighboring country went viral on social networks by taking the price of the peso as “infinite”.

It is the ticket of a Uruguayan restaurant that specifies below the exchange rate of the different currencies of the tourists who usually visit the place. The amount of the account is 5,240 Uruguayan pesos.

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This way, in reais, the value was 748.57, while the total account would be 134.35 in euros. On the other hand, the sum of what is consumed in the place would cost 134.35 US dollars.

The Uruguayan banknote.

So far, everything seemed normal, but what caught the attention of the Twitter user is the value that the system produced if paid with Argentine pesos. “$A infinitysays the ticket.

Consequently, the summary image was shared on the social network with a message that states: “They kill us laughing! Let the successes continue”.

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User reactions

Immediately, Twitter users began to react to the post, and while some tried to give some logical response, others continued along the lines of the initial message.

They rounded the Argentine peso quote to $0. So the division by 0 gives infinity (in some programming languages)”, explained a netizen. However, another pointed against the Argentine peso and stated: “They laugh at the Argentine pesothat does not meet the currency conditions outside this country”.

It is an old software, low resolution and precision in decimals, nothing more than that. To bully ourselves, we are already on our own,” said another.


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