What is and what will become of Taringa!, the Argentine social community, the forerunner of social networks

Taringa!one of the largest online communities of the 2000s, continues to be in force and with a new image after its purchase by the company IOVLabs.

That site founded in 2004 in which many users entered to download movies, have the cheats for the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or even help a young man to meet his father’s family, a case that was well known in his Right now, it’s in a transition period.

Taringa today! offers a new facet. After its rise in popularity and subsequent fall, the portal bet on going back to basics and allowing users to have full control of their data. It promises to be a great tool for content creators Independents who want to start monetizing their productions without intermediaries.

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In this context of resurgence, PROFILE chat hand in hand with christina sanchoDirector General of Taringa!, who exclusively revealed all the news for the website.

“I am the General Director of Taringa! A year ago and they were just in a moment of transition in which they wanted to give it a new vision, a new approach and that was why I entered”, the Spanish expert in web 3.0 begins, telling cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Cristina Sancho, general director of Taringa!

Regarding the role he occupies within the platform, he explains that he is in charge of “doing everything. Everything related to the business area, defining the strategy, etc.” “I am responsible for the area of ​​technology, product, marketing, plus all the coordination that is needed from Human Resources and the support areas,” he admits.

“The first thing I did was an analysis of the situation of the team, of the product and see what was needed. From that a build was done on the whole teamHow were the people? Then we have hired people for the product and technology part. And from there continue to build the team, manage it and then define the mission and vision of the company”, he adds.

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Taringa! wants to bet on the user and the content creator again

Passionate about her work, she maintains that a large part of her task has to do with “making sure the team doesn’t get demotivated”, since “every member of the team is very important. Each person should be a small entrepreneur in their area“.

“I feel very motivated. It motivates me a lot to see the impact of the mission we have and what we want to do. Logically there is a very large part of responsibility, but it is not that I feel a ‘misunderstood’ pressure, it is quite the opposite, it is the positive part of the pressure: motivation, responsibility and desire to do things”, he completes.

Rebranding and changes

“Taringa! was a pioneer. It was one of the first networks to give the user a voice. It became a site for a community of friends, people who helped each other,” says Sancho, who now seeks to return to the basics and recover those principles.

And adds: “Current social networks are being used solely for their business modelswhich is advertising, therefore its customers are the brands. All the platforms do now is optimize so people spend more time, grab attention so they can push more ads. They are not platforms designed for creators.

The platform Taringa! will pay with cryptocurrencies to create content

For Cristina, “Taringa! has to return to the creator, to the users, who are the ones who generate value on the platform. Taringa! wants to give creators tools so that they can live off their passion. It will give tools for you to create your communityso that you can choose how to introduce yourself”.

One of the main novelties of this new version of Taringa! under the IOVLabs signature is that now used blockchain to ensure the proper functioning of the new rewards system. “This helps us solve the problem, because the creator will be able to collect money from anywhere in the world and if people want to give you money because they liked your content, they will be able to do so.“concludes the Director General.


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