What is citizenship by German declaration about?

The foreign interested in getting the german citizenship by declaration they must have a family relationship originating from the German territory and meet specific requirements to access the processing that allows them to be accepted as members of the European nation.

The regulations were promulgated on August 20, 2021 as a reparation, for those people who suffered persecution by Nazism, providing the legal right of naturalization through a ten-year proclamation that must be made before the competent authority of the member country of the European Union.

Applicants who have habitual residence abroad may appear to testify before the representatives of the Federal Office of Administrationwhich is the body qualified to carry out consular management.

Countries of the European Union make the entry of workers more flexible due to lack of labor

German citizenship by Declaration

The entry into force of the fourth legislation for the modification of the Nationality Lawexpanded the list of beneficiaries who can join the Teutonic community and become inhabitants of the territory belonging to the old continent. Who can process it?

Which family members can apply for German citizenship by declaration?

  • Children of a German parent who were born after May 23, 1949 and have not acquired the German nationality by birth (child of a German mother and foreign father born in wedlock before January 1, 1975 and children of a German father and foreign mother born out of wedlock before July 1, 1993)
  • Children born after May 23, 1949 whose mother has lost German nationality before the birth of the child for having married a foreigner prior to April 1, 1953
  • Children born after May 23, 1949 who have lost the nationality acquired by birth prior to April 1, 1953, due to legitimization carried out by a foreigner and effectively according to German law.
  • Descendants born after May 23, 1949 of the children described in the first and third items.

Germany seeks to make citizenship requirements more flexible

emigrate to Germany
German citizenship by Declaration

Grandchildren Law: the General Consulate of Spain makes the delivery of documentation more flexible

How long does it take to apply for German citizenship?

The procedures for declaration of naturalization take according generally to the estimated terms a minimum of 6 monthswhile the restitution of nationality by article 16 it can take to be consumed between 2 and 4 years in order to get it.

On the other hand, the stipulated waiting time involved in the process for the issuance of the German passport is approximately 8 weeks.

To reserve an appointment and make an appointment in person at the Consulate, an appointment must be purchased online through the official website of the German Embassy in Buenos Aires, buenos-aires.diplo.de.

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