When would be the date of Miguel Merentiel’s debut with Boca Juniors?

Boca Juniors managed to emerge victorious in their debut in the championship. The next test will be at La Bombonera against Central Córdoba in a contest, in which the recently incorporated Miguel Merentiel could play a few minutes.

The reality is that the scenario in the attack zone of the team led by Hugo Ibarra is not ideal. Darío Benedetto continues to be suspended and Luis Vázquez also remains in recovery work, which indicates that the DT will have to take alternatives in the face of the next game of the Professional League.

For this reason, the arguments for a possible debut of Miguel Merentiel with the team are growing. The attacker has already made himself available to the driver and is patiently waiting for the go-ahead to start his new experience in Argentine soccer.

The most probable thing is that after the practice of Friday the ex Defense and Justice will remain within the group of summoned players. And if this happens, they will probably sit on the substitute bench of the squad that will play against Ferroviario as a local.